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Entering the weight room is the first step toward building muscle, but it’s not the last. Eliminate these seven saboteurs and then watch your muscles grow—with nothing holding them back. Plenty of lifters believe that doing isolation exercises like chest flies and leg extensions is the only way to make their muscles grow.
Fix it: Write down the exercises in your routine to see what percentage of them are compound moves. As for alcohol, it can cover your abs with a layer of lard and interfere with hormones that help build them.
Fix it: Go to bed and wake up at set times every day, even on weekends, to keep your sleep cycles regular. For the active person, eating about a gram of protein for every 2.2 pounds of body weight helps build muscle—if the protein is processed correctly.

Fix it: Drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day and divide your protein among five or six small meals throughout the day.
What you do before, during, and after a workout can either negate your hard work or elevate your growth to a new level. But basic moves such as bench presses and squats force several muscle groups to work together, imposing more stress on your body for bigger gains. Of course you need variation, but don’t abandon basic moves in favor of intermediate isolation exercises.
Muscles typically need 48 hours of rest to adapt to the stresses placed on them during exercise. If cardio is indeed stealing your muscle, you should begin to notice strength improvements—being able to lift more weight or complete more repetitions—within 2 to 3 weeks.
Right after a session, your body is hustling to convert glucose into glycogen so your muscles can repair themselves and grow.

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that a four-to-one carbohydrate-to-protein ratio can provide 128 percent greater muscle-glycogen storage than a high-carbohydrate drink alone.
If your primary goal is to increase muscle size and strength, and not necessarily to build your overall health, try pulling back further. Drinking moderately (two drinks or less per day) won’t harm testosterone levels and can actually improve your cardiovascular health, he says. When the body uses protein for energy, it has to remove the nitrogen component of the molecule to turn it into glucose.
During your workout, ease up on the muscles you use most in your extra activity so they have more time to recover.

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