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If you are building your body muscles, you will surely know that the supplements are one of the most important things. Includes Muscle Gain Diet, Supplement Reviews, Workouts & Access to the Muscle Building Nutrition Private Members Area.
Will Brink is a well-known and respected researcher and trainer who has spent the last decade and a half studying supplementation and the science of fat loss and muscle gain. Will has also trained professional athletes, bodybuilders and the man on the street and has been affiliated with numerous Olympic competitors. Will Brink's Muscle Building Nutrition is going to help anyone who wants to build muscle the safe and healthy way.
Divided into three sections, Will begins the book with an in-depth look at bodybuilders' nutritional needs.
The second section offers a comprehensive look at the various supplements on the market today. In fact, gaining access to the MBN Members Zone is like doubling or tripling the amount of information you get from the book itself. Diet Planner: A handy tool that will help you plan your nutritional needs, right from the Members Zone! Nutritional Database: Provides a wealth of pertinent information on health and nutrition when it comes to bodybuilding. Meal Planner: The meal and calorie planner asks you a few simple questions and bases a plan on your answers, as well as your current weight and gender. Online Videos: A great new resource where you can download free videos straight to your computer. Easy to read and understand, and supported by the MBN Members Zone, Will's book is a good buy for anyone who wants to increase muscle mass by following the experts' advice. Someone could pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to be trained and coached by Brink and Poliquin, or someone else of their caliber.
Since the book is easy to buy off the Web, you can get it right away instead of making a trip to the bookstore. What I'm about to talk about is very simple, and I know you've heard of it before, but chances are you're not applying it as part of your routine. Now just to set the record straight, keeping a journal is not just something for giggling schoolgirls to do in their spare time.
Your nutrition journal doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated, just a simple notebook will do. Keeping a journal gives you the data you need to figure out if you're eating too much, or too little, eating the right foods, or the wrong foods. And I've also seen the opposite happen with underweight people who are struggling to gain muscular bodyweight, they often 'underestimate' how much they are eating and then wonder why they can't gain weight. By simply monitoring your food intake with a nutrition journal you'll have more control over your results then people who try to "wing it" with their eating. For the first week of keeping a nutrition journal I don't want you to change a thing with your eating routine, just write down what you eat and when you eat it.
I realize that this will take some effort and it is a bit of a nuisance, but in order to develop a lean muscular physique you are going to have to keep accurate records of your nutrition. When you keep an accurate journal of your eating like this it becomes a lot easier to pin point places where you are making mistakes and where you can improve. Stick with this week after week, and before you know it following a high quality nutrition plan that moves you closer to your physique goals will become automatic, it will just be part of your normal eating pattern. This website has a search function that allows you to search for virtually any food and instantly get the calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc.
Learn the "secrets" of gaining maximum muscle mass and power from one of the Internets top muscle building coaches.
One of Lee’s success components for ultimate muscle building results is his bold and revolutionary 3 week Blast Your Bench program.
If you ever wanted to gain muscle mass you should know that drinking water should be a key asset.
Digestion: Protein is the primary building block behind increasing muscle mass and sole mixing it with carbohydrates unfortunately will not be enough. Performance and recovery:  A very small decrease in water loss can negatively affect your exercises performance and recovery.
Muscle strength: Having the ability to use all of your recruited muscle fibers from being hydrated will allow you to fully utilize your muscle potential.
Symptoms of dehydration:  perfuse sweating, dizziness, decreased urination, weakness, or extreme tiredness. Drink a full cup of water before every meal: By doing this, not only will you help your digestive system process all of the food, but also help you feel more full and energized. Cary a water bottle where ever you go:  Many make the mistake of not caring some sort of a water bottle with them, so they just forget to drink water.
Avoid alcohol and being outside when it is extremely hot: alcohol as well as being outside when it’s extremely hot dehydrates you a lot and forces your muscles to lose energy. Now you understand that it is almost impossible to fully utilize your potential if you are not hydrated. Fitness expert and trainer Kris Gethin is here to help you pack on solid, lean muscle for a powerhouse body! If you want to transform your physique, build lean muscle and design a sculpted body you've got to commit to your nutrition plan 100%.
When it comes to packing on sculpted pounds of new muscle mass, you need to make sure that your body is primed for growth by giving it the fuel it needs throughout the day.
Constantly eating small, nutrient-rich meals will get your body primed for muscle growth and make it much easier to take in the calories you need.
If you're the kind of person who skips breakfast or lunch, or both, and then eats a large dinner, that type of eating will not work for you on a muscle building meal-plan. To add lean muscle mass, you need to be consuming more calories than you're burning - in other words, you need to stay at a caloric surplus ever day. To find out how many calories you need to gain muscle mass, you must first calculate your maintenance calories. Don't worry - we'll break this ratio down in terms of real foods when we talk about what foods you'll be eating for your muscle building meal plan.
By splitting your calories in the proper ratio between carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats you'll support muscle growth and development while fueling your body for maximum recovery and muscle gains.
To sculpt the body of your dreams, you have to start putting high quality fuel in your body.
Your macronutrients are the major players in your diet that you need to function properly, including carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Although Carbohydrates have a bad rap in today's society, they are actually your body's preferred energy source.
Fruits are not only tasty but full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for general health and wellness.
Protein supplements - protein powders, protein bars, ready-to-drink shakes and meal replacements can be easy, convenient additions to your daily protein intake. Not all fats are created equal, and to sculpt a new body with lean muscle you need healthy fat in your diet.
The fats you'll get while on your fat loss diet are: olive oil, natural peanut or almond butter, avocado and fats naturally occurring in foods like eggs, meat and fish.
Essential Fatty Acid or Omega 3 supplements - fish oil capsules, flax seed oil capsules, and omega 3 capsules are becoming increasingly popular supplements to help maintain healthy levels of essential fatty acids.
If there are good fats then what are "bad fats?" Bad fats are fats that, if taken in high amounts, may cause health problems.
If you don't eat meat or animal products, you can still transform your body and add lean muscle mass. Other vegetarian options include soy products, which are sold in most big chain grocery stores and are often convenient sources of protein. Check out the list of fitness friendly foods on this page to see options for mixing and matching to create meals. Your portion sizes will mostly go along with how many calories you want to take in every day. Avoid refined "white" carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, cakes, cookies, pastries or sweets that are high in calories and low in nutrients.
It can be tough to eat well when you go out with friends, forget your meals at home, or when you suddenly realize that it's feeding time without a healthy snack nearby. Another trick is to split your meal with someone or just box half the meal and enjoy it later.

On days when you're in the gym, you'll need to pay added attention to two specific meals: pre and post workout. Immediately after your workout your body will need extra nutrients to start repair and recovery. The "Cons," or negative consequences, of dirty bulking are fat gain, poor overall general health, unstable energy levels, and poor conditioning.
There aren't positives to a completely unhealthy diet, but the positive of being on a muscle building diet rather than a fat loss diet is that you don't have to be as strict with your meal plan. But if you eat everything in sight, screaming "I'm bulking!" and you don't train properly - then yes, sadly, you will turn into the tubby buddy.
If you don't feel like eating the same foods every day of the week, then here's where you can get creative while staying responsible to your fitness goals. Your muscle building nutrition plan can be full of delicious, muscle-friendly foods by simply exploring all your food options!
Keeping your routine up to par is essential, but be aware that you will always have to make minor adjustments when trying to add toned muscle to your body. On the same note, if you're adding weight in the wrong spot, that means you need to adjust where you're getting your calories from. Will has written extensively for many publications, including Muscle Media, MuscleMag International, Lets Live, Muscle n Fitness, Life Extension magazine, Townsend Letter for Doctors, Inside Karate, Exercise for Men Only, Physical, Power, Body International, Oxygen, Penthouse, as well as others over the years. This guy is worth listening to for advice on weight training and muscle development, and he enjoys a well-known reputation as a nutritional specialist and supplement researcher. It is strictly for information only, so you don't have to worry about getting a sales pitch. From understanding the basic food groups to eating a balanced diet, he explains everything a person needs to know to get and stay fit. If you go into a health food store or pharmacy, you will find literally dozens of products on the shelves, each one claiming to be the perfect supplement for bodybuilders and weight trainers. Written by industry expert Charles Poliquin, readers will get a step-by-step approach to making their own personal plan for body building success, based on the strategies and activities described here.
Here you will find a discussion forum, which provides an excellent support system for anyone who wants to ask questions or get advice from more advanced trainees. This makes it exceptionally easy to plan your meals, and is based on the calculations found in the ebook. A great forum section is the "Rate the Online Supplement Sellers" area where you can get information on online supplement stores before you make a purchase.
Just buy the book instead, where you can have the same information to read at your leisure. Just pay and download it, and you can get serious about your bodybuilding routine by following these experts' advice and staying connected through the MBN Members Zone.
But it is one of the best tools you have available for tracking your nutrition and finding out where you can make improvements to move yourself closer towards your fitness goals.
Write down what kind of cereal, how much, how many slices of toast, what you had on it, etc.
Just being conscious of what you are eating will automatically cause you to make better food choices.
This is your golden opportunity to take your personal strength to a whole new level and DOMINATE the bench press like never before. No, I am not saying that drinking water will get you just ripped because water as you probably already know holds no nutritional value.  So, you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, how the heck does drinking water have anything to do with gaining muscle. You must force yourself to drink water because there is nothing worse than knowing you could have just drank that extra cup of water after the workout to maximize your results.
If dehydrated, it can cause a lack of recruitment and the binding between actin and myosin which means you will do less weight and not gain muscle mass.
Drink plenty of water if you know you are going out and going to consume alcohol beverages. We have designed a complete workout program for you - all your exercises, sets, and reps are at your fingertips! Putting on quality muscle requires consistency, dedication, and a lot of nutrient dense food. Since you're trying to build lean muscle mass, your main focus will be taking in more calories than you burn off over the course of the day.
Our example meal plan won't necessarily meet your caloric needs, so the amounts of foods will be different for you depending on what you need.
Tracking progress and adjusting your nutrition plan is a critical component to seeing results - your body will be changing and so will your dietary needs. It's the easy and organized way to keep track of the foods you eat including the quantities, calories, carbs, fat grams, and other nutritional counts. Eating frequently also ramps up your metabolism, which helps keep you lean while you're sculpting your new physique. If you feel hungry, eat something - and remember to make it the right foods that are described on this page. It's difficult to pack in all of those muscle-building meals, but it's definitely possible. Your maintenance calorie level is how many calories you need to consume to stay the same weight. You should get 55% of your calories from complex and fibrous carbohydrate sources (including vegetables and fruit), 25% from high quality protein sources, and 20% from natural and healthy fats.
Actually no, as long as you are getting a constant stream of amino acids from the protein in your meals, your body doesn't need an excess amount of protein to grow, but it does need excess energy to make sure it never dips into your protein reserves.
Micronutrients are things like vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your overall health and wellness and are scattered throughout the foods we eat. On your muscle building meal plan, it's important to keep your lean protein intake at the proper amount to support muscle growth, development and strength gains. Things like chicken, lean turkey, egg whites, whole eggs, soy products, tilapia or other whitefish are great sources.
Remember though, supplements should be additions to a diet of whole, unprocessed, lean foods. Healthy fats and essential fatty acids like Omega 3s found in cold water fish, flax seed, and the fats found in olive oil and avocado play a major role in hormone production, skin tone, and brain function. If you don't have a problem eating foods like fish, seeds, nuts and avocado you shouldn't have a problem getting healthy fats from whole foods. Stay away from foods high in saturated fats that are found in animal products and some plant oils (coconut and palm oil); choose low fat or non-fat dairy products and cut visible fat from your meat. Your meal plan will require some creativity to make sure you get a high quality source of protein with every meal. And you may also want to try "fake meat" products, which are made from plant proteins like soy, mushroom and more, but these products are flavored and formed into meat-like substitutes like fake chicken patties, fake burger patties, and even meatless taco meat.
Many vegetarian and vegan diets combine foods like beans and brown rice or natural nut butters and wheat bread to create filling, nutritious meals. If you're not sufficiently hydrated, you can interrupt important muscle building processes, plus your health and performance can suffer. You can measure this easily by putting 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil or olive oil in 2 of your meals and throw in some natural peanut or almond butter as a snack! Grab a grilled chicken sandwich without the mayo, grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies or a baked potato.
For example, on Sunday evening, cook up a huge batch of chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies. Having these meals on hand will prevent you from loading up on office junk food, vending machine meals, or last-minute fast-food solutions. This will be the perfect combo to fuel your body to hit the weights hard, and can easily be taken with you to work for convenience. A protein shake and a carbohydrate, like whey protein and a fast digesting carbohydrate powder, is the fastest way to kick-start muscle repair and replenish used energy. When the words dirty and bulking are put together it means eating mountains of unhealthy, fatty, processed foods to put on muscle - think fast food for lunch every day, ice cream and brownies for desert every night. If you're one of the few who has a tremendously difficult time adding weight of any kind - be it muscle or fat - then you might be a hardgainer. But if you want to indulge once a week in a special desert, a delicious burger, a moderate portion of your favorite comfort food, or something similar, it won't ruin your muscle building goals. To make sure those extra calories are sculpting pure muscle, check your progress on the scale, in the mirror, or by having your body fat to lean muscle mass ratio measured through caliper testing.
Instead of adding an additional meal, try adding a little bit of food to each meal throughout the day.

If you start to see weight on your stomach, then reduce your carbs and bump up protein as a replacement.
This workout log will allow you to fill in the day's you did cardio, what exercise's you did, the weight you used and how many rep's you were able to complete and by how many sets you finished with.
Stick to grilling, baking, and steaming your foods - stay away from fat-filled toppings, dressings and sauces!
If you are looking for the best nutrition plan for building muscle, then you might want to simply change your current rice with the brown rice.
That is because the nutrition plan for building muscle will help you get the better and healthier body.
He teaches you how to get your body in anabolic mode (fat burning and muscle building), and keep it there. This section gives special attention to muscle-building nutrition, with emphasis on the complementary relationship between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Charles tells you how to balance muscle-building exercises with appropriate rest periods so you never overstress your body and yet keep it working to maximum capacity.
There's also an article base with informational works by experts like Charles Staley, Tom Venuto, Will himself, Lee Labrada and others. It's almost surprising how much food information is contained in this section of the database. Seeing the exercises performed right in front of your eyes only makes the whole process of training a more manageable feat. You also get the basic nutritional information that everyone needs to stay healthy while bodybuilding. But do get in the habit of recording your food intake, and then each week review your journal and pick 1 or 2 areas that you are going to focus on over the next week. Exercising is only 10% of gain muscle mass; the other 90% is what you do outside of the weight room. Having that small calorie surplus is vital, because your body needs the energy to build new lean muscle. By eating the right foods in 5-6 meals spaced throughout the day, it'll be easier to get in those extra calories through whole foods; you'll feed your muscles a constant stream of nutrients to boost lean muscle growth and reshape your body. But the individual meals are designed with the best foods in the best ratio for gaining strong, lean muscle.
It might sound scary at first, but it's the best way to take in the large amount of calories you need each day from healthy, whole foods. Transforming your body means putting 100% effort into each and every workout, and to fuel those workouts you need the best foods. If you eat the right kind of carbs, you'll add toned muscle to your body without excess fat gain.
Your goal should be to get about 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight as a minimum. Fats will help keep your energy levels constant and supply the body with essential nutrients. Trans fats and hydrogenated oils are chemically produced to help increase the shelf life of processed foods like candy bars, margarine, fast food, and many packaged foods - stay far away from trans fats. If you eat dairy products then low fat or fat free cottage cheese and fat free yogurt are great options to help boost your protein intake. These products can help make meals convenient and tasty, but always read nutrition labels to avoid foods that are high in sodium, high fructose corn syrup, or saturated fats and hydrogenated oils.
Remember to follow the basic principles of a muscle building nutrition plan: eat 5-6 small meals a day, choose whole foods, and maintain a slight calorie surplus to build muscle. Making time in your daily routine to prepare meals for the day will keep stress away and help you achieve your dream body. About 1-1.5 hours before you lift, you need to have a meal that contains complex carbohydrates and a lean source of protein. Otherwise, have a shake with yogurt, a high-protein sandwich, or something like chicken and brown rice.
To add lean muscle, you have to eat a huge amount of calories, so, if you don't mind adding a little more fat on with your muscle, you can eat traditional "cheat foods" more often. Apply the same rules you would to your normal meals, but you can use this list to pick different high quality protein sources, complex carbs, vegetables, and fruits, and condiments that won't ruin your progress.
Extra protein, olive oil, or almonds with a few meals will bump up your calories and push that scale in the right direction. This kind of rice is very recommended since the brown rice is better than the ordinary rice. That means, the supplements are used to promote the growth of your muscles and the vitamins are helping you to stay sharp to do all of those workouts. Will has his own ideas, based on detailed research, and he shares them in this part of the book so you don't have to make a wild guess at the store, possibly wasting your money. He demonstrates professional strategies for building lean muscle fast while getting rid of unnecessary body fat. The forum lets readers link up with other lifters around the world who may have the same questions and concerns, or who have already dealt with these issues, and can pass along some friendly advice.
If you want to learn how many calories are contained in a croissant, for example, simply click the link under the appropriate category and all the information will be ready for you to digest, so to speak. And you can learn all about the various nutrients and supplements that can be really confusing, especially if this is all new to you.
Just keep it on your computer and read it whenever you want to brush up on the latest nutritional, supplement, and weight-training activities information.
When you are unable to perform at your max then it’s very simple, you will see minimal or no muscle gain. We'll show you how to keep it healthy, so you stay lean as you shape and chisel your new physique!
Make sure you don't overdo fats as they are calorie dense, but small to moderate amounts added to your meals will be very beneficial to your muscle building nutrition plan.
Just because you are on a calorie surplus diet doesn't mean you can drink ice-cream shakes, sugary juices, and whole chocolate milk whenever and however much you want to. Vegetables won't make much of an impact on your diet but they supply healthy vitamins, minerals and fiber!
Stay away from mixed drinks that contain sugary additives like juices or are heavy in cream. Spices, herbs and hot sauces can add a lot of taste with zero calories, but putting butter, cheese or cream into your meals will up your chances of gaining fat with your new muscle mass. This will provide you with the fuel you need to blast through your workout and kick your body into muscle-building mode.
But remember, when you are adding muscle mass you will add a bit of fat to your body, period. As an addition to that, there are a lot of studies showing that the red rice is very good for giving the extra energy for those working out every day. This is a great read for those who are just getting started with bodybuilding right up to and including true 'know it all' professionals who have been at it for years. You can read for awhile, or jump right in and start communicating with other people who have bought the book and have some experience in this field. You can make better choices like red wine or a mixed drink with soda water and lime - having a drink or two on a special occasion is fine but try to alternate water between drinks. Always read the nutrition labels on any condiments you like to use, and cook with olive oil when necessary. Once you get to the size you want, then you can worry about trimming off the fat to show your six pack abs. If you're new to the bodybuilding business, you won't have any problems understanding the vocabulary or ideas in this e-book.
To pack on serious muscle, you need to consume more calories than you burn throughout the day. With a little bit of time management and preparation, you'll be able to fully commit to your muscle building nutrition program. It's written in a style that anyone can understand, not just the professionals or someone who has been to college. The three sections let readers find what they want to read first, and check out the other areas later or in any order they prefer.

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