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Below I’ve laid out an entire grocery shopping list and sample meal plan complete with cost per serving. With this plan, you’ll get a balanced, whole foods diet with a focus on increased protein content.
Naturally, this is the most important category as any bodybuilding meal plan has to be high in protein, but it can be misleading in terms of actual cost.
So in practical terms, this means that if you grocery shop weekly and prepare all your meals at home, you can expect to spend roughly $50-$60.
Depending on how many days per week you workout and what supplements you take on your off days, your monthly supplement order should be under $50.
While there are cheaper ways of going about what I’ve laid out above, like consuming only milk and peanut butter, who wants to do that?
It would be great if you did a cheat sheet article on the different macro breakdowns for cutting, maintaining and bulking.
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Using them as a component to stretch most meals is going to be a huge cost saver and they’re going to help you fill up. One source tells you that 5g of carbs will make you fat, another says you need 400g to fuel your workouts, and the next guy’s going on about carb cycling. Using relevant posts on places that can provide answers to the problem people are looking for solutions about.

You can multiple your weight by 16 and that’ll be approximately how many calories you need.
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