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Interval training is usually defined as hard-all out intervals (like sprinting) followed by brief, less intense intervals (like jogging). The famous tabata study: Researchers found that guys who used the routine five days a week for six weeks improved their maximum aerobic capacity (a measure of your body’s ability to consume oxygen–the more oxygen you can take in, the longer and harder you’ll be able to run) by 14%. Sprinting increase Human Growth Hormone: In a new study, researchers compared growth hormone levels in several ways - resting, after a 6 second cycle sprint, and after 30 second cycle sprint. Besides being VASTLY better for your health, Interval training burns more fat than aerobics too. In fact, in the Tabata protocol mentioned above the Japanese scientists discovered that the people following the tabata protocol burned 9 TIMES MORE FAT than the group that exercised for an hour a day.
Basically you pick an exercise, I like sprints, but you can do jumping rope, cycling, etc. To aid in this effort, and to make your body accept the proper signal to gear up your metabolism, this program also simultaneously decreases the duration of the exercise period. By week five you should be ready to do 1 min all out sprints, with a 1 minute recovery jog, for three sets, that’s what I do now for fat loss 2-3 times a week. So stop doing aerobics now and instead do intervals to increase your health and burn more fat, faster than ever before. Here’s Your Chance to Save Over 60% Off Our Results Proven, Step-by-Step System to Lose Fat Fast!
Your workout program is done in a group setting which makes them fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of the program affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions. You can be back in your skinny jeans and rockin’ that little black dress you wore during the holiday parties in only 45 minutes 3 X per week!

We are happy to provide you a no-obligation, no-charge trial to discuss your goals and how we can work for you! What’s more, it also improved anaerobic capacity (which measures your speed endurance, or the duration you’re able to sprint at full effort) by 28%.
To put it into perspective, the commonly prescribed drug Metformin does so by a paltry 19% while putting users at risk of obesity, if they can tolerate the constant vomiting and diarrhea! Marathon runners keel over after marathons (look it up) even though their heart and lungs get enlarged — they’re more stressed. The 6 second sprint method did move HGH some, but didn’t come close to the body’s potential to release this powerful hormone. And your metabolism stays revved up and burns more fat for up to 48 hours after the Tabata protocol. In the 12-minute program below, you’re going to focus on gradually increasing the challenge as you progress over 4 weeks. You see I’m running a special that will not only Get Rid OF ANY HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN, but will help you LOSE 15-27 POUNDS AND 3-4 INCHES FROM YOUR WAIST. Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why my workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.
With our After Burn effect you can achieve Faster Fat Loss in less than an hour a day in a Fun, Energetic, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere. If you are serious about getting results and reclaiming your attractive, healthy, and energetic body and stop “spinning your wheels” once and for all, please don’t wait another minute to contact us.
The 30 second all-out effort sprint experiment increased HGH by 530% over resting baseline and 450% over the lesser intensity sprint.

You’re going to be building up the intensity of your exertion intervals over the four weeks.
Plus you’ll be melting fat, building lean toned muscle and kicking your metabolism into high gear! You have to pick up a heavy box quick… change a tire… chase a kid down snatch him up and yell at him for running down the street.
I don’t mind if you post the workout in the description box, just don’t post the entire program!Study my workout programs.
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