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Lean Hybrid Muscle Building workouts and routines are the fastest way to rapidly burn fat and build muscle.
If mother smiled when father entered the room, we learned that father was a safe person for us. If father laughed when the dog licked our face, we learned that it was safe for animals to approach us. At first our parents encouraged us to navigate our environment.  They helped us to crawl first and then to walk. Also, they encouraged us to express ourselves.  They helped us to babble first and then to talk. But as soon as we begun to master these experiments, take them into our own hands and become creative with them, our parents began to panic! Just as we looked to them for approval and guidance with our first steps and words, we continued to look to them for how to use these new tools. If you talk too loud or scream, others will look at you.  Your parents will become embarrassed!
If you talk too much or ask too many questions you parents will become confused and frustrated in their answers. No wonder you are squeamish about your actions!  No wonder you are afraid to carve and navigate a new path! You are too mentally and emotionally bound by your early learning to ever really experiment.
When you show this type of courage towards experiment and experience you not only bring freshness and joy to the world… you also give others, who are waiting for permission, the green light to do the same. What experiment have you been considering… but have been roadblocked by the fears and limitations of others?
I have personally found more strength in the musings of Emerson than in any other book or ideas presented in my life.  So, I have decided to share some of his words here with you. If you enjoy these quotes, along with my commentary on them, please leave a comment and insights of your own below. Hundred of thousands of people have navigated it for generations.  Therefore, it’s easy to pass through. Consider that before this path was trodden there was a single man who saw it’s value and decided to traverse it. He saw that this particular route may be of value to follow, but no one else had navigated it… there were no guarantees! This courageous man, who first traveled the road you now so easily walk upon, may have seen large and ominous dangers before him.  He may have been told by others that it would be easier if he were to simply take another path that had already been carved out. He was so compelled by the promise of taking this uncharted path that he ignored all “intellect” and proceeded. Consider that he may have faced terrible opposition and challenge along the way.  He may have been hurt, discouraged, damaged and down trodden on his journey. There are dangerous, untrodden paths EVERYWHERE… even as we speak there are paths that many have considered but have shrunk away from.
With all this excitement about our new Hard-Core Hybrid Strongman workouts I was going through some of my YouTube videos and found these I thought you might like.
You know what’s interesting, Video 2 below has the most views on my entire Critical Bench Youtube Channel. You’ll also get the exact same 6 Week Strongman Show Prep routine that I used to win my Pro Card.
Deep within the roots of “Orthodox” Hybrid Strength Training you will find a wild, primal and HARDCORE existence.

The contemporary expression of Hybrid Training evolved from the dark, dirty and aggressive lineage of odd object and Strongman Warrior Based workouts. Unfortunately the idea of training with odd objects, in a warehouse free from grandmas and pencil necked posers that use the only squat rack for bicep curls was nothing more than a dream for most men. The fact is that at the center of Hybrid Muscle Training resides a Hard Core WARRIOR… and it’s about time that we release that screaming beast called, HARDCORE: Hybrid Strongman Training! If you are reading this, then you and I may be from the same tribe of Hard Core Strength Warriors! We are men who are in a constant, desperate search for new training challenges that push the limits of our physical, mental and emotional potential. We are obsessed with getting stronger, becoming more athletic and dominating every challenge we’re offered. You and I NEED to test our will, throw caution to the wind and hold achievement, not safety as our ultimate goal in fitness and in life! In this report let us explore how some of this planet’s all-time greatest elite warriors of the past developed some physiques that have become legendary!
Hey guys I have to share a really cool email I received recently from some US Marines in Afghanistan. Today is Memorial Day and we would like to honor and remember the brave men and women who have died in our nation’s service.
In my experience, the absolute best way to build physical and mental toughness… WHILE getting stronger, more conditioned and much, much leaner at the same time is with STRONGMAN DENSITY TRAINING. Now that may lead you to ask,  wouldn’t this philosophy lead to training plateaus, burnout or boredom? There I would stand, alone, staring at a 252 pound atlas stone that was so beaten up there were jagged edges and pits covering its surface. With the scabs on my forearms still healing from the SAME workout performed last week, I would take a deep breath and begin the journey towards 50 reps. THIS week Tom asked me to complete the 50 reps, with the 252 pound stone (same as last week) but instead of demanding I complete all 50 reps by 2:15, he told me to git er done by 2:00!!
Without going into all of the boring science and jargon to describe how incredibly powerful this method of training is… I simply invite you to try it out.
Then, give yourself 20 minutes to complete as many reps of the movement as you can with a weight that you can easily perform about 10 reps with. OR get the same amount of reps that you did the week before… just cut about 5 minutes off of your allotted time. One of the most helpful analogies that I’ve EVER been taught about personalized program design was that some of your clients will be CATS and others, CHAMELEONS. My teacher was using these animals to describe the neurological efficiency and kinesthetic awareness that either type of clients may exhibit. You’ll have some clients or athletes who, like Chameleons, are very limited in their kinesthetic awareness, but tend to grow very efficient in a handful of particular movements. Chameleons are very good at finding a program and sticking with it.  They may follow the same program, with positive progressive results, for several years!
Then you’ll have other, Cat-Like people, who learn how to execute very complex exercises movements that require tremendous focus and concentration during their initial phase… SUPER FAST! They tend to gravitate towards training and sports that require a high level of awareness and focus, many of which tend to be fast moving or with high intensity.  Sports such as wrestling, sprinting, Olympic lifting and strongman are best suited for cat types. They want to load Atlas Stones, press odd objects and throw things around the gym… and they get their BEST results by following a program for a few short weeks and then either change the exercises done, or parameters followed. Words can’t describe how awesome I feel when I get totally unsolicited comments on my Youtube Channel or Facebook wall from dudes who have used Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded AND have gotten kick-ass results.

Our good friend, who lost almost 30 pounds of fat, comment got me thinking about how many dedicated men over 40 are using our system and getting extraordinary results too! And in my opinion, nothing significant EVER happens unless you become somewhat obsessed with MAKING it happen.
Neil was not happy with the way he looked, he joined my gym (where I follow Hybrid Muscle Training in its many forms, right now I am focused on relative body weight strength and conditioning) and then held onto his commitment like a mad man until he got what he wanted.
I want to hear about your successes, challenges and what your most important fitness goals are. Here is a quick video that shares some more info and answers many questions about my new Hybrid Muscle Publishing book 14-Day Hybrid Mass Building. The picture below is taken directly from our 14-Day Hybrid Mass manual.  On this page Dennis Weis (the author) describes the methodology of Anabolic Burst Cycling used in the program.
Hey, if you have any further questions about gaining mass or The 14-Day Hybrid Mass system just post below!
It combines strongman training with elements of power lifting, bodybuilding and conditioning. Once you complete our program above you might just get addicted and decide to compete like I did.
Lean Hybrid Muscle offers the same results as the odd object and strongman training of LHM , but without the use of hard to get equipment. We became increasingly approached by long time customers who voiced their rage and frustration with our decision to abandon our hardcore roots in order to serve a greater number of clients.
For security reasons I was asked not to use names but posted the email and pictures below for you!
Freedom isn’t free, and we want to thank the US Military for all that they do to protect and serve us.
I’ve decided to post a few pictures a guy over 40 that inspires me and may perhaps give you the kick-in-the-ass to get going with your personal evolution as well.
In that case, you’d want foods that could help cover many different nutritional needs so that you did not lose any precious muscle. While you’re grilling today or hanging out with your friends at a pool party take a moment to say a prayer for our troops. Hopefully, you can give us a few ideas of what we can do to add or what we are missing to complete our Warehouse gym. The goal is to get my Marines as strong and as lean as possible while using the Hybrid program.
Or you can pick one of the workouts and add one full body strongman training day per week in addition to your current routine.
We do have a few suggestions though for the Marines and for all you other guys out there that think it’s really cool to create your own home gym or warehouse gym for pennies on the dollar.
I am doing the actual reloaded program with about 20 or so Marines who are trying to get into shape here before we go back home in November. My first question is my Marines are asking if there is a Combine like test they can do at the end of the phases.

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