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Mr Muscle® provides a range of superior cleaning products scientifi cally formulated to make the toughest cleaning jobs easier. We recently had an issue with the drain and the scent of the darn thing, nothing for toffee would remove it naturally and all the old tales of back in the day all we had was xyz.
As helpful as all this may have been once upon a time, we needed some that was going to kick the drain into touch.
You can use this is the bathroom as well as the kitchen and for me and our household we always have an emergency stock on hand yet this has served us well and definitely long term.
Slowly pour this down the drain, the two liquids will combine to make the formula whilst pouring. This worked immediately and left the sink cleaner, fresher and the water running through better. After pursuing all the available products I realised I needed something heavy duty to solve the problem and settled on the Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer.
The bottle contains 2 separate liquids each in their own separate compartments in the bottle. The only problem I had was that my bathroom sink is fairly average in size but when you position the bottle over the plughole it doesn't quite fit and the 2 liquids started activating quickly at the plughole rather than in the pipes. A word of warning the liquids can be quite corrosive so be careful when using this and keep it our the road of children. My bathroom sink had been getting slower and slower to drain over the last few weeks, and like most people I just ignored it at first.
How it worksIt says on the bottle to pour the whole contents down the drain as long as there is no sitting water above the drain.Does it work?No way does it I tried it on my kitchen sink firstly I did the old traditional method of taking the ubend off and washing it out etc but it was still blocked. For a few weeks now, you will be delighted to learn, the bathroom sink has been a little slow in swallowing the water down the plughole. I pull the plug out of my kitchen sink, expecting the water to whoosh away down the plughole, but no, it just glubs way slowly . My kitchen sink has been giving me problems just lately, my own fault for letting the residue of the washing up water go straight down.
After reading an opinion on this product written by another Dooyooer, I decided to try it out. The brand is constantly innovating by understanding its consumers’ cleaning needs and by adapting to the changing consumer habits that have taken place over the years.
Step by step instructions are given on the back of the product, not a lot really can go wrong.
The water was taking ages to run away and the sink filled up very fast but drained at a snails pace. When mixed together they activates on contact to unleash a powerful foam that gets to work removing whatever gunge you have clogging up your pipes. Left it a day, tried yet another lot of Mr Muscle, no difference, made it even worse as the water doesn't eventually drain out, whereas before at least it was.
So I go for my trusty steam cleaner , but I have leant it to a friend for the week, plan B is to buy some Mr Muscle Foamer. You know the sort of things like lumps of mash or left over onions that you haven’t scraped off the plates before washing. Mr Muscle® is a household name to its UK customers and is one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the household cleaning aisle. You then leave it for an hour then run warm water down your sink to get rid of the foam and any residue.

However having said all that it really did work and I now have a sink that drains quickly just like new. The plug hole foamed up over the top and came into the sink ad then we just rinsed this away, as per the instructions. He tackles jobs around the house that frankly no one else wants to do and does them with ease.I bought a bottle of his sink and drain foamer for my kitchen sink a while ago and never thought to use it on my shower drain until my husband pointed out that it would work just as well on this as any other sink so I gave it a try. Since moving into this house, our bath plug seemed to take longer and longer to drain out each time. A quick burst from the cold water tap and it swirls down the hole, out of sight out of mind, we have all done it. Over the last couple of weeks the shower has slowly been taking way longer to drain than usual and I find if I take a long shower by the end of it I am standing in a couple of inches of water which is not very pleasant.
Showering was becoming somewhat of a nightmare, as after 5 minutes the bath would start to fill up as the water was not draining out faster than it was going in. That's where I stopped being impressed I left it for an hour and came back to the sink and apart from a strong smell of the product it hadn't moved.
I have long hair that comes out quite easily, whenever I wash it I always have a bundle in my hand and so I dread to think what it is actually doing to my drains.
I rinsed water down Like the instructions said and hey presto my sink filled with water and sat there. I guess this is to be expected when you have two girls living together under one roof, who both share a regular shower routine. Over time, the build up of shaving foam, moulted hair and luxurious shower products are bound to take their toll on the poor bath drains, which left us crying out for help as our cleanliness was at stake!Usually I am one to choose to try out cheaper options in hope that the product has a positive result, but this was an emergancy and I needed the bath plug hole unblocking as soon as possible.
First run hot water down the plughole for I minute, and fill a container with 500ml of hot water. As my drain was still fully draining at that point and not actually fully stuck the foam was the best product to use on it. Mr.Muscle is a well known and trusted name in the world of household cleaning, and I had seen this product advertised on tv.
If I had a shower full of standing water then Mr Muscle recommends that you use the gel as this breaks through the water and unblocks the drain.
Then slowly pour the aforementioned hot water into plughole, making sure all the powder is rinsed completely down the plughole. You can find 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' in stores such as Tesco, Asda, Wilkinsons and Morrisons. This seems a little pricey for a one use product, however it is definitely a whole lot cheaper than it would be to call out a plumber! It didn't foam outside of the plughole so I'm sure it was foaming inside and down into the pipes working its magic on all my hair and gunk.
I don't mind paying the extra for a simple and effective product that does what it says it will without hassle or fuss first time.The 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' is packaged in a medium sized silver bottle which is split into two sections and fastens with a blue cap. This foamer contains a combination of two powerful liquids that will remove gunge and hair from the entire width of the pipe leaving it fresh and clean. The label on the front of the bottle is predominantly blue in colour with a picture of the foaming product within a drain pipe. Now, after pouring the liquid down the drain I shut the door to my shower and left the room. The 'Mr Muscle' text logo is large and easy to spot, and the label gives a brief description of the product and how it works.

The label on the back of the product gives a more indepth description of the product, states which cases this product should be used in, gives useage instructions, ingredients list and health and safety warnings.This product is suitable for drains which are blocked or partially blocked with no water above the plug hole line. I didn't really notice any bad chemical smells with it but then I was out of the room and afterwards there was no lingers aroma to speak of. This makes 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' perfect for giving your drains a regular clear out to speed up drainage, as well as for use in blockage emergancies.
This product is not suitable if your blocked or slow flowing drains have caused standing water above the plug hole lineUsing this 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' was easier than I could have ever anticipated.
I was expecting to be up to my armpits in mucky, stagnant water but this product really took me by suprise. Simply unscrew the cap and slowly pour the entire contents of the bottle down the plug hole to fill the entire width of the pipes.
Yes I got my Polti back gave it a quick blast of steam, and a slug of disinfectant to clear the pong and it was flowing freely. Once the hour has passed, simply run your hot water tap to flush the remaining product from your pipes and hey presto - no more blocked drains! The two substances combine as you pour the contents of the bottle down the drain and react together to create a foam. This foam fills the entire width and length of your drain pipes as it reacts, unblocking any soap residue, hair clogs, food remains and other nasties from your pipes and giving your drains a good cleaning as it goes. After the hour has passed, the hot running water flushes out the remainder of the product, and all the unclogged muck that the product has detached from the pipes.In my opinion this 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' worked an absolute treat! The 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' was ridiculously easy to use, required no real effort and worked first time. My bath plug hole was blockage free and upon running the hot water through, the water drained straight out. I was pleasantly suprised at how well this product worked, as usually these things only ever do a half decent job, if at all. Simple to use and effective first time gives 'Mr Muscle Dual Force Foamer' two thumbs up from me.
I absolutely hate cleaning with products that carry a strong smell and linger for ages, and I was dreading the whiff that I imagined would come with such a strong, powerful product as this - but to my suprise the product carried no awful stench at all and didn't leave my bathroom smelling like a medical facility! Thankfully I now have a wonderful quick draining plug hole in my bath so I can shower to my hearts content! Do not use a plunger afterwards as product may still be present if the plughole did not clear.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of cold water for at least 20 minutes and seek medical advice.
In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).

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