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Search Shape Shop Max Mara Sweaters Calvin Klein Sweaters Profile by Gottex Tankinis eBags DISNEY Watches DC Snowboard Boots Giani Bernini Totes Macys Bikinis PENFIELD Coats Skechers Flats Salomon Maria Black Urban Decay Luxe By Lisa Vogel Edie Parker KYBOE! It is without question one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn fat and boost aerobic capacity, but what most people don't realize is that it doesn't have to be high impact. If you're nursing an injury (or want to avoid ever doing so in the future), you can still reap the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting benefits of a HIIT workout.This quick workout plan was designed to help you push to your max without pounding your joints.
You don’t need a single piece of equipment or a lot of space (and you won’t be bothering your neighbors with loud, thumping jumps), so this "quiet cardio" routine is perfect for a hotel room or small apartment.
How it works: Three days per week, do 1 set of every exercise in the circuit, performing each move at maximum intensity for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of active recovery (step side to side or walk around the room to catch your breath).
Bend right knee into a side lunge, extending left leg and pointing left foot, driving left arm forward and right arm back with elbows bent.

Staying low in squat position, quickly shift weight to left leg, lowering into a left side lunge, bending left knee and pointing right foot. Quickly lift knees up and lightly tap thighs with hands, sitting upright as you draw legs in. Quickly kick right leg to the left, as left hand reaches toward right foot and torso rotates to the right, pivoting on left foot. With feet slightly wider than hip width, lower into a squat position with arms extended in front of chest.
Lower arms down by hips in preparation to quickly stand up, reaching arms overhead and lifting heels off the floor.
Make your movement quick and explosive, but instead of jumping up just lift the heels off the floor.

Quickly extend legs and rise up onto balls of feet as arms extend overhead, fingertips reaching to ceiling. Make your movement quick and explosive, but instead of jumping up, just lift the heels off the floor.

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