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The form can also be used for clients who are not clinically depressed but who are seeking a happier and more fulfilling life. Check out the therapy worksheets, handouts, audio files, and other resources available at Between Sessions. We offer anxiety worksheets for adults developed by professional therapists so you have the tools you need for your next session.
We also offer group therapy worksheets for adults, as well as anxiety disorder resources for teens and children. Get what you need today!Creating Your Future — This worksheet is designed to help individuals think about their future and see that they have the power to create the kind of lives they want.
PDF (quick, 1015, values clarification)Your Most Memorable Dream — There are some dreams you find hard to forget. PDF Recording Dysfunctional Thoughts — This form can be used to by clients to record and change dysfunctional thoughts and to see how these thoughts affect their moods.

PDFHappiness Habit Worksheet — This worksheet can be used to help clients keep to a 21-day program of activities which are known to stimulate the biochemical associated with a positive mood.
It also includes a chart to help a person develop the habit of spending time each day practicing relaxation.
PDF10 Facts You Should Know About Medication for Anxiety — The chart shows 10 important facts about medication for anxiety. These games are fun to play and a great way to encourage kids, teens, or even adults to talk about their feelings.
PDF HandoutsMotivational Bookmarks — These bookmarks can be used to remind clients about the importance of self-encouragement.
PDF PosterDaily Gratitude — This mini-poster can be used to help remind people of the importance of gratitude in their lives.
PDF WorksheetsLoving Kindness Meditation — This worksheet is designed to teach people the technique of Loving Kindness Meditation.

PDF (DBT, CBT, problem-solving)Practicing Mindfulness — Research has shown that mindful meditation can have significant physical and mental health benefits, but only when it is practiced on a regular basis.
The worksheet is intended to help people see if their perception of themselves is very different than how others see them (PDF, 1215)Mindful Meditation-Letting Your Worries Go — This worksheet encourages people to be mindful of their worries and fears while relaxing with a coloring activity. PDF (1112, ACT) Write a Letter to Your Panic Attack — This worksheet can help people see that Panic Attacks are not inevitable.

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