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When it comes to exercise and strength training, your body requires a combination of nutrients. Protein blends generally consist of a combination of nutrients to provide you with a wide range of benefits, as compared to single protein supplements such as whey isolate. In combination with a balanced diet and lifestyle, along with adequate fluid intake, protein blends can be a particularly beneficial supplement for strength trainers and endurance athletes alike. Power Whey Complex, with its distinctive three-tiered enzyme fortified protein blend, helps nourish your body and feed your muscles with a concentrated dose of nitrogen-rich protein.
No Doubt about it, from beginning to end, Power Whey Complex is the ideal way to get your protein.

Fortified with our digestive enzyme complex including the patented protein digesting enzyme: Aminogen. This includes carbohydrates for fuel in the form of glycogen, protein for muscle repair and rebuilding, and the fluids and electrolytes that are lost through perspiration. They may contain a combination of several types of protein, such as whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein, colostrum, and egg protein, along with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, essential fatty-acids, and other compounds, such as creatine.
The various types available also allow for use according to individual needs, goals, preference, taste, and budget. Though many people can achieve this combination through dietary means, if you’re a serious trainer who have higher-than-average nutrient requirements, blended protein powders can provide significant benefits.
This results in a ‘formula’ that provides the benefits of fast-acting and sustained-release proteins, a specific amino acid profile, and a replenishment of glycogen stores.

Unlike some other products (including whey isolate) protein blends generally do not need to be consumed at set times – such as immediately before or after exercise. In fact, depending on individual goals and nutrition requirements, they may be suitable for you to use at any time.

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