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Mass products have always been our game and we have always pushed the limits of what people believed could be done! NEW Liquid Mega Mass is a clean SUPER Testosterone Booster we theorize that is an alternative to harsh steroids yet still has many of the same benefits. The problem is that in modern society we are bombarded with endocrine disrupting chemicals that may cause men to lose testosterone and other androgens, making them fat, soft and miserable! We theorize, Mega Mass gives you a healthy alternative to illegal steroids and harsh methylated pro-hormones and when combined with proper diet and exercise may give you the body you want and help you look and feel your best! Mega Mass is geared for guys who want to put on serious mass while helping keep a lean look. Theacrine picks you up and keeps pushing you forward for hours after the caffeine tapers off.
Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the body which burns calories. Increased Thermogenesis = Increased FAT LOSS. Rauwolfia Serpentina allows your body to stop storing excess calories as fat, and instead burn it as energy. For every pound of muscle, you burn about 50 calories per day.  More Muscle = Burn More Calories.
Lemon Verbena (Verbascoside) - attacks and eliminates free radicals created when we burn fat cells, and has been shown to preserve and protect muscle mass while working out, even in caloric deficit.
Raspberry Ketones - support increased metabolism and breakdown of stored fat through increased fatty acid release. Our Basal Metabolic Rate or “BMR” is the amount of calories our body burns daily to survive, such as our heart beating and lungs breathing. Warning: Consuming 1-3 scoops of Hyphy Mud 30 minutes prior to your workout will MAKE YOU DANGEROUS! By fueling muscle recovery and growth, BCAAs have been proven to help strength, physique, and endurance athletes train longer and harder. API’s BCAA TRAINER with hydration complex is a perfectly balanced blend of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.
Citrulline in the ultra-refreshing BCAA TRAINER is converted into arginine in the body to increase blood flow, vascularity and nitric oxide production.
At PES, we've done some pretty groundbreaking things and have been the first company to bring a handful of novel and now-popular ingredients to the market. For a long time, it's been unclear whether or not "the pump" actually improves muscle growth. But here's the catch: most products do not use ingredients that actually elevate NO in the body. L-Citrulline is one of the best NO ingredients on the market, but it is constantly used at tiny serving sizes. Malate is a good ingredient to take with BCAAs or intra-workout, but it has absolutely no use for pumps or increasing NO.
Remember…the key is to increase NO, do it quickly, and have it last for its long term benefits. Nitrates, in addition to having an 8+ hour half-life for long lasting pumps, use a unique pathway to boost NO. In addition to all of this, it looks like nitrates can actually augment protein synthesis in muscle tissue…which means they can also have a purpose independent of NO elevation [5, 6]! Some of you might be asking, why did we use Arginine Nitrate as our nitrate source out of all the possible amino-nitrates?

Agmatine is a cousin of arginine that has recently come under the public spotlight because it induces vasodilation. That’s right…now we are not just talking about NO pumps, but pumps that work completely independent of NO! Rutaecarpine first caught our attention because it boosted NO through more mechanisms than we could count. Every time we see L-Norvaline pop up in a product we scratch our heads…it just clearly does not make sense.
Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.
Using the supplied applicator, squirt one serving of 3ml under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, swish the contents around the mouth and then swallow. No other ingredient has been tested over and over as much as Creatine while consistently producing the same result… IT WORKS. It works by shutting down the alpha-2 andrenergic receptors, telling your body it stored enough fat and it’s time to burn it! Maintain a leaner body, and prevent muscle breakdown with this cutting edge blend of citrulline and other high-quality ingredients.
Explosive nitric oxide producing amino acid citrulline and electrolytes complete the chain of complex ingredients to keep you hydrated.
You do these sets, you feel the muscle fullness and see your arms swell in front of you, but within minutes of concluding your workout, you lose the pump. Recent research now suggests that nitric oxide (NO), one of the major compounds that produces pumps during exercise, is directly involved in building muscle [1-3]. We found compounds that actually elevate NO, and we found a way to bypass the issue of NO's short half-life, or active time in the body. In our search for a long-lasting pump ingredient, we focused on a compound that has been used by for the purpose of venodilation (expansion of your veins for roadmap vascularity and pumps).
To be specific, nitrates bypass the enzyme that L-Citrulline relies on, eNOS, which has a “saturation point” at which no further supplementation can increase its activity. Easy answer…the nitrate is increasing NO, but the arginine plays a very important role when combined with nitrate.
It causes the release of powerful hormones from the adrenal glands…hormones that move your glucose into muscle tissue where they can get stored as glycogen [8]. As we expected, it quickly took off with popularity and raving fans for its pre-workout use. The calcium binds to key muscle proteins that result in contraction, and it has been shown that the more calcium released into the muscle cell, the more force is produced.
Unlike caffeine though, Amentoflavone is 20 times more potent at increasing muscle calcium than caffeine in vitro [9]. Amentoflavone is a mixed Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor in vitro, which is yet another pathway to pumps that you’re not going to find in other products [10]. Here we had not one, not two, not three, not four, BUT FIVE ingredients that all acted to improve pumps.
Rather than just attacking vasodilation, blood vessel expansion, and glucose pumps, let’s also try to cause muscle and plasma volumization.
The bloodstream is in close contact with your muscle cells, so by expanding both of these at the same time, we create “pumps on pumps” for maximum volumization…aka High Volume! We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

Tieto 5 g davky si rozdelte rovnomerne pocas dna, v treningove dni berte jednu davku ihned po treningu. Not only does nitric oxide improve bioenergetics in muscle so that you can move more weight for more reps [1], but it also can in fact build muscle [2,3]. They may induce pumps, but these pumps are short-lived and do not produce the lasting effects that true nitric oxide increases can provide. This is due to L-citrulline’s unique ability to detoxify the body and muscles by removing ammonia, a muscle protein waste product, from your body. This means that you can bypass the body’s natural restriction points for unparalleled muscle pumps with the combination for nitrate and citrulline. So of course, we knew we had to use AmentoMAX here in High Volume, to bring the unique angle to every workout. This increase in muscular calcium concentration is part of the reason why caffeine is an ergogen (capable of improving exercise performance), and Amentoflavone achieves this effect in a more powerful manner without the stimulation of caffeine.
The action on the cGMP pathway complemented perfectly with AmentoMAX, making these two ingredients a real 1-2 punch. Norvaline is a perfect example of what you don’t want in a pre-workout…or any supplement for that matter. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.
CREA-BOMB 2.0 je nova univerzalna kreatinova receptura pre bombardovanie vasich svalovych buniek! Potom nastupuje udrziavacia faza, pocas ktorej uzivate 5-10 g kreatinu v zavislosti na vasej telesnej hmotnosti. What’s really going to frustrate you is this product is so potent and strong that it is in a little bottle with a little label and with little font, so we literally can’t say much! That means, the 4 grams of L-Citrulline that is found in High Volume is equivalent to the citrulline content in 8 grams of citrulline malate! You see, nitrates act as an “NO donor,” meaning they convert to NO directly via a 2-step process…no enzymes or restriction points involved [7]!
AmentoMAX initial anecdotal feedback shows it gives a nice mental edge, without the physical stimulation. Viaczlozkova receptura obsahuje trikreatin malat a dikreatin malat, Micron Tec-mikronizovany kreatin monohydrat, kreatin-etyl-ester, kreatin-orotat, kreatin-glukonat.
Kreatin berte kratko pred sacharidovymi jedlami, a uistite sa, ze vase telo bude po cely cas uzivania dobre hydratovane. Whether you are trying to gain muscle or lean up, you can’t go wrong with good ‘ole fashioned pure creatine monohydrate. Check us out on Facebook at ATP Science or search #AMPV on Instagram to see what real people are saying about AMP-V.
The research on Norvaline has been extrapolated and attempted to be stretched into something beneficial for pumps and performance, but what the research actually says is that Norvaline will only work in individuals with cardiovascular problems [14, 15], as it is only these people who have suboptimal eNOS activity at baseline.
Receptura je obohatena taurinom, anabolickou aminokyselinou pre maximalizaciu objemu buniek.

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