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The Muscle Massage Kit is designed to provide effective massage therapy for muscles all over your body. Based on Asian accu-pressure techniques, the Massage Balls body and back massager is designed to stimulate your muscles and nerves. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Our Therapeutic Herbal Muscle Calm is a special formula used for years helps calm and reach deep into sore, achy arthritic muscles.
By targeting trigger points, aka knots, and applying pressure with the nubs on the balls, you can work out tension and allow your muscles to function optimally.

Helps to counter-irritate already irritated tissue, which then inhibits swelling and allows blood flow into the affected area.
Equipment & Supplies for: Health & Beauty, Massage Therapy, Skin Care, Body Treatments, Nails, and more. In addition, you can stimulate circulation, decrease muscle aches and pains and disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity.
Utilize the body and back tension relieving balls on any other isolated muscles of your body by rolling against your skin. Specially selected botanical extracts and essential oils stimulate blood flow, which help calm irritated nerve endings, reducing lymphatic congestion and fluid retention.

Using the Muscle Massage Kit regularly can relieve stress, improve strength and flexibility while helping prevent muscle injuries.

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