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Yunier Fernandez: This guy sucks he didnt review crap all he did was talk and and and and and and and and and and and thats all he said the entire videoassviolator17: A pound a day? Purest form of whey protein (contains at least 90% protein) that maximizes protein synthesis and minimizes muscle breakdown with almost no carbs or fats. Rapidly digested form of protein rich in amino acids that helps support lean body mass gains and muscle protein synthesis. Slow digesting protein derived from the casein found in milk that consists of 92% protein and is often added to protein powders to lend a thick texture and slow release of amino acids.
Powder derived from coconut oil that can be utilized as a source of energy as well as contribute to fat loss. Active metabolite of choline that increases power output and strength, decreases soreness, and supports creatine production in the body.
Molecule that supports ATP production in the body and increases lean body mass, strength, power, and stamina. Naturally occurring substance in the body that plays a role in energy production and when supplemented may increase oxygen uptake and athletic performance. Creatine Ethyl Ester is creatine bound to an ester molecule that exhibits all the same benefits of creatine monohydrate without bloating or GI distress. Traditional Chinese medicinal herb that exerts adaptogenic effects on the body leading to decreased stress, anxiety, and blood pressure while potentially boosting NO production. Fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus rich in vitamin C and many other antioxidants that support the body's immune system, bones, and teeth. Ancient Chinese medicine that has been used to treat infections, allergies, inflammation, high blood pressure and headaches.

One of the 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids that is responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS).
I bought the beyond raw stack or bundle package, whatever you want to call it, three months ago and it came with the rebuilt mass, reforge, ravage, and refine.
With all that being said I highly recommend this supplement if you don't mind spending that money 1 tub last you a week , and keep in mind when you get off of this you will draw up so stay on this take in more then you burn off . So this is my first review on a protein so if there is anything I should include for my next review then let me know. For the Re-Built MASS, I got a little different results than other weight gainers that I have taken. This product can be a little pricey at times but if you see it on sale (BOGO or Dropped Price) then I would pick up a couple tubs. Yeah fifty to seventy dollars is a little pricey for most people but people aren't going to look for a review on a product they can't afford.
Working for GNC you usually go around and try everything and with me getting ready to bulk i decided to give this a go. You get a few great forms of creatine, a lot of calories, good amount of protein, but not enough servings.
I've tried many of weight gainers but could not find the right one to put size on me , so I came across Rebuilt Mass one day like any dedicated and serious body builder does I read the ingredients in it . If you dont want the farts, just take a scoop in the morning, one before the gym, and one after.
Its a "super anabolic mass gainer" with creatine, added aminos, over 800 calories per serving and also 60 grams of protein.

I looked at all the different amounts of creatine in it I said what the heck if it works it work if it don't It don't . The chocolate brownie is probably the best, I have the strawberry milkshake right now and it doesn't taste as good but they don't taste as good as muscle milk does. So I bought it keep in mind guys 1st tub won't get you any where you have to atleast go through half of a small tub , and have a proper diet , and workout hard 5 days a week . Anyways when I started using this as well as the other products that came with my pack, my max bench was 175lbs and my max squat was 180lbs. Well anyways after a month of lifting three to four days a week my bench went up to 205lbs and my squat to 225lbs. I dont even train that hard at the gym either, just bench, lat pull downs, military press, incline press, seated rows, some curls and im out within in hour.
After my third month and tub, my bench shot up to 265lbs and my squat to 275lbs and I now weigh 187lbs. Anyways I believe this gainer helped me gain lean muscle because I'm not fat and I feel a lot stronger.

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