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42 healthy men aged 35-62 ate either 150 g meat or an equivalent amount of protein from tofu daily for 4 weeks, 2 week washout, then crossover. Lower serum testosterone is independently associated with insulin resistance in non-diabetic older men: the Health In Men study (get it?
Cause or effect?  The diet stuff (above) suggests diet-induced hormonal alterations are a part of the cause. This entry was posted in Advanced nutrition, clamp, diet, Dietary fat, fertility, insulin, sex, testosterone and tagged calories, carbohydrates, carbs, diet, fat, insulin, testosterone. On the way there, it raises your insulin levels, causes insulin resistance in the liver, activates a variety of inflammatory signaling pathways, raises your triglyceride levels, increases your blood’s thrombogenicity, makes small dense LDL and helps to oxidize it, glycates your structural proteins, contributes to steatohepatosis which can destroy your liver, etc.
Thyroid improvement all the more remarkable if the LC diet was negative energy balance and promoting wt loss which it surely was considering the insulin levels are progressively declining (a sign of wt loss and a cause). I suspect many PCOS women may have gluten hashimotos like thyroid changes , as you know bill low thyroid independently worsens fertility and may tip marginal PCOS cases to pathological.
In PCOS the insulin excess is usually cyclical because there is a primary metabolic disoder for one reason or other (e.g.
Some evidence that women with PCO have poor ability to maintain sensitivity to estrogen and LH in brain, maybe implicates prenatal androgens according to animal studies.
I think the thyroid connection is most likely attributed to exactly what you’ve said in the past.
Acetyl-l-carnitine is a great supplement for older men because it upregulates androgen receptors and also improves LCFA oxidation as well as dopamine sensitivity. SHBG is a wild card, imo… inconsistent data from intervention and observational studies. When a photon interacts with a material particle on our globe it lifts one electron from an electron pair to a higher level. Men and women have different Maxwell demons to account for the different results of the same quantum actions. Hey Tom, when testosterone levels are increased, this will most likely induce the increase in the other 2 hormones responsible for muscle growth, such as: the growth hormone and IGF-1.
Testosterone diffuses from the testes into the bloodstream for transport to target tissues. Anecdotally, energy balance might be a factor; eg, rapid weight loss reduces sleep quality in some people, whereas a big meal prior to bedtime improves it for others. SubscribeNever miss a beatSign up to be notified when a new article is published (and check your spam folder).

Depression can be a real consequence of low testosterone levels because not only does testosterone produce the drive and energy for our sexuality, fertility and body features including the muscle mass that we need, it is also the driving force behind our energy levels and achievement in life.
Low testosterone levels in men (not testerone) as they age can cause low sex drive, poor erections, loss of muscle mass, irritability and depression. Fat and carbs elicit very different metabolic and endocrinological effects… but I do agree that many healthy peoples, particularly the indigenous ones studied by WAP, have been able to thrive on high carbohydrate diets.
I wonder if this was related to negative energy balance, weight loss, and if it would persist if they ate calorie adequate? LH becomes high with cystic multiple half developed follicle because brain can’t respond to escalating E and LH with surge to induce ovulation.
Hypothyroid-like symptoms are due to low energy or nutrient intake and have little to do with the ketotic state per se. Of course not precisely the same as PCOS but similar in that it is an insulin driven sex steroid endocrinopathy except affecting males.
I believe studies have shown it superior to the standard low dose androgen replacement therapy for older men.
Interesting, I’ve only seen that done before in Nanji and French, where the context makes it meaningless to separate MUFA and SFA. This excited state as a rule has but a short lifetime and the electron drops back within 10–7 to 10–8 seconds to the ground state giving off its excess energy in one way or another. Approximately 1% to 2% of all testosterone circulates in the blood as free T, while the other 98% to 99% is protein-bound.
If you are a man, and have symptoms of low energy, decreased muscle mass, irritable mood swings, low sexual libido, or general feeling of fatigue, then you may have a low testosterone level and should have yourself checked by a doctor. Testosterone is a very important hormone that is responsible for the male sex organs, functionality and sperm production.
Men with high levels of testosterone have high senses of achievement and they push themselves harder, having a more aggressive outlook on life.
Like today we have cars running on diesel (fat) and gasoline (carbs), they don’t have the same properties as cars but they will get you from A to B. This likely underlies ketotic insomnia many people report, I am very sensitive to cortisol with insomnia as are many others. I wonder if there was a specific effect of maybe just a few patients who had major improvements in thyroid secondary to gluten autoimmunity (major cause of hashimotos), or if the thyroid improvement was universal and related to eating a diet that circumvents glucose intolerance. Of course they usually get the causation wrong rather than understanding that hypothyroidism impairs fertility so any vulnerability to PCOS will be worse… and low thyroid will cause metabolic problems too of course, which can trigger PCOS.

Once high androgens exist, glucose tolerance is even *more* poor and massive fatness results in very short order as well as way worse PCO symptom. Although, the high responsiveness of many pCOS women to LC diets with ovulation suggests this is not true for humans or at least most PCO women. Less likely to manifest on a eucaloric or otherwise weight-maintaining ketogenic diet… although they did lose a bit (lost 3kg fat, gained 1kg muscle), so yeah, pretty remarkable. Life has learned to catch the photon or electron in its excited state, and then act to uncouple it from its partner and let it drop back to the ground state, through its biological semiconductors utilizing its excess energy for life processes. Most protein-bound T is strongly associated with SHBG (60%), while the other 38% fraction is bound to albumin.
In addition, the testosterone is also responsible for the male muscular system, the muscle growth and the bone growth in their body.
It is simply not possible for a man with a higher normal testosterone level to have a depressed outlook on life - it is not remotely possible.
Besides that, living on carbs 10000y ago is definitely not the same as living on carbs today. Speaking personally addressing insulin sensitivity and inositol has restored pretty much regular ovulation suggesting this is not mostly brain defect.
Secondly, since saturated fat, in particular, raises testosterone does it also have some other hormonal benefits towards gaining muscle?
Molecular Maxwell demons take advantage of the fact that the Second Law of thermodynamics is statistical and not absolute. Could this be linked to adrenal fatigue, cortisol dysregulation and impaired hepatic function and gluconeogenesis? The amino-terminal LG-domain includes the steroid-binding site and dimerization interface, and its tertiary structure, resolved in complex with natural and synthetic sex steroids, has revealed unanticipated mechanisms of steroid binding at the atomic level.
This LG-domain interacts with fibulin-1D and fibulin- 2 in a ligand-specific manner, and this is attributed to the unique way estrogens reside within the steroid-binding site, and the ordering of an otherwise flexible loop structure covering the entrance of the steroid-binding pocket. Estrogen is designed to work in with SHBG because it is associated with a lower level of iodine in women.

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