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This inhibition is long-term, in contrast to the rapid inhibition of eating by cholecystokinin (CCK) and the slower suppression of hunger between meals mediated by PPY3-36. The absence of a leptin (or its receptor) leads to uncontrolled food intake and resulting obesity.
Several studies have shown that fasting or following a very low calorie diet (VLCD) lowers leptin levels.It might be that on short term leptin is an indicator of energy balance.
It might be that the dynamics of leptin due to an acute change in energy balance are related to appetite and eventually to food intake.
Although this is a new hypothesis, there is already some data that supports it.There is some controversy regarding the regulation of leptin by melatonin during the night. One research group suggested that increased levels of melatonin caused a downregulation of leptin.
Its receptors are found in brain neurons involved in regulating energy intake and expenditure.
A very small group of humans possess homozygous mutations for the leptin gene which leads to a constant desire for food, resulting in severe obesity. This condition can be treated somewhat successfully by the administration of recombinant human leptin. However, extensive clinical trials using recombinant human leptin as a therapeutic agent for treating obesity in humans have been inconclusive because only the most obese subjects who were given the highest doses of exogenous leptin produced statistically significant weight loss.
It was concluded that large and frequent doses were needed to only provide modest benefit because of leptina€™s low circulating half-life, low potency, and poor solubility.
Furthermore, these injections caused some participants to drop out of the study due to inflammatory responses of the skin at the injection site.
Some of these problems can be alleviated by a form of leptin called Fc-leptin, which takes the Fc fragment from the immunoglobulin gamma chain as the N-terminal fusion partner and follows it with leptin. This Fc-leptin fusion has been experimentally proven to be highly soluble, more biologically potent, and contain a much longer serum half-life.

As a result, this Fc-leptin was successfully shown to treat obesity in both leptin-deficient and normal mice, although studies have not been undertaken on human subjects. This makes Fc-leptin a potential treatment for obesity in humans after more extensive testing.Thus, circulating leptin levels give the brain input regarding energy storage so it can regulate appetite and metabolism.
Leptin works by inhibiting the activity of neurons that contain neuropeptide Y (NPY) and agouti-related peptide (AgRP), and by increasing the activity of neurons expressing I±-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (I±-MSH). The NPY neurons are a key element in the regulation of appetite; small doses of NPY injected into the brains of experimental animals stimulates feeding, while selective destruction of the NPY neurons in mice causes them to become anorexic.
The leptin from the mesenchyme in turn acts back on the epithelium at the leptin receptor carried in the alveolar type II pneumocytes and induces surfactant expression which is one of the main functions of these type II pneumocytes.ReproductionIn mice, leptin is also required for male and female fertility. In mammals such as humans, ovulatory cycles in females are linked to energy balance (positive or negative depending on whether a female is losing or gaining weight) and energy flux (how much energy is consumed and expended) much more than energy status (fat levels).
When energy balance is highly negative (meaning a woman is starving) or energy flux is very high (meaning a woman is exercising at extreme levels, but still consuming enough calories), the ovarian cycle stops and females stop menstruating. Only if a female has an extremely low body fat percentage does energy status affect menstruation. Some studies have indicated that leptin levels outside an ideal range can have a negative effect on egg quality and outcome during IVF. The body's fat cells, under normal conditions, are responsible for the constant production and release of leptin. Uterine contractions are inhibited by leptin.There is also evidence that leptin plays a role in hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness), in polycystic ovary syndrome and a 2007 research suggests that hypothalamic leptin is implicated in bone growth. The ''Ob(Lep)'' gene (Ob for obese, Lep for leptin) is located on chromosome 7 in humans.The effects of leptin were observed by studying mutant obese mice that arose at random within a mouse colony at the Jackson Laboratory in 1950. Friedman and colleagues at the Rockefeller University through the study of such mice.Human leptin is a protein of 167 amino acids.
It is manufactured primarily in the adipocytes of white adipose tissue, and the level of circulating leptin is directly proportional to the total amount of fat in the body.

In addition to white adipose tissuea€”the major source of leptina€”it can also be produced by brown adipose tissue, placenta (syncytiotrophoblasts), ovaries, skeletal muscle, stomach (lower part of fundic glands), mammary epithelial cells, bone marrow, pituitary and liver.Leptin has also been discovered to be synthesised from Gastric Chief Cells and P cells in the stomach. These people are said to be resistant to the effects of leptin, in much the same way that people with type 2 diabetes are resistant to the effects of insulin.
The high sustained concentrations of leptin from the enlarged adipose stores result in leptin desensitization.
The pathway of leptin control in obese people might be flawed at some point so the body doesn't adequately receive the satiety feeling subsequent to eating.Fructose and leptin resistanceA study published recently suggests that the consumption of high amounts of fructose causes leptin resistance and elevated triglycerides in rats. The high fructose diet rats subsequently ate more and gained more weight than controls when fed a high fat, high calorie diet. Ob-Rb is the only receptor isoform that can signal intracellularly via the Jak-Stat and MAPK signal transduction pathways, and is present in hypothalamic nuclei.It is unknown whether leptin can cross the blood-brain barrier to access receptor neurons, because the blood-brain barrier is somewhat absent in the area of the median eminence, close to where the NPY neurons of the arcuate nucleus are. It is generally thought that leptin might enter the brain at the choroid plexus, where there is intense expression of a form of leptin receptor molecule that could act as a transport mechanism.Once leptin has bound to the Ob-Rb receptor, it activates the stat3, which is phosphorylated and travels to the nucleus to, presumably, effect changes in gene expression. One of the main effects on gene expression is the down-regulation of the expression of endocannabinoids, responsible for increasing appetite.
There are other intracellular pathways activated by leptin, but less is known about how they function in this system. In response to leptin, receptor neurons have been shown to remodel themselves, changing the number and types of synapses that fire onto them. There is some recognition that leptin action is more decentralized than previously assumed.
In addition to its endocrine action at a distance (from adipose tissue to brain), leptin also acts as a paracrine mediator.

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