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This dragon might be european but Predaking's bulk is in his long body - not quite the snake like body of an asian dragon, but longer than you'd expect of a european dragon. A black robot with grey feet, elbows & thighs, Predaking has orange on his breast, shoulderpards, forearms and crest. A fairly attractive robot mode - the wings make a nice cape & while the beast head doesn't really do anything meaningful on his back it's not a visual distraction. While Predaking's beast mode offers nothing really in the way of play value, the robot mode is a different story. There's a maroon repaint in a two-pack with an Optimus Prime repaint which was a store exclusive in various countries. A good robot mode but a somewhat limited beast mode make for a decent commander class toy - but it's nothing special. Some of our most spectacular beetles belong to the family Cerambycidae, or long-horned beetles. We don't often have the specific species of dead wood that attract this beetle just lying about in our yard, but we sometimes prune our ash trees and leave the branches piled in the compost bins until we can saw them up for disposal. When the preferred wood is available in our yard, there are often several beetles in the vicinity, and they can then be seen searching around and mating. His wings are on ball joints as are the front leg "hips", but the latter offers no useful poseability.
Unclip & fold back the back to form his boots, flip up the feet & fold away the rear beast legs. The wings are still poseable, along with the rotating neck, ball jointed shoulders and hips.

Good colours, useful poseability & a good weapon and a majestic looking set of wings make this a robot mode. The colours work very well and I would argue it's better value than the ultimate sized toy which is a set of wings in a huge box. The colours are quite appropriate for a dragon and while it's not immediately obvious (since the colours work so well for this style of beast) they're also a very good match to those of G1 Predaking. It's rather kibbly & the front legs are much longer than they should be - so the feet sit a long way back (they're also the robot arms). There are joints in his neck but they're strictly for transformation & no use here - it's the wings only, really. The shape is less than ideal (although I can understand that the robot mode really has to be packed into the main body of this beast). Rounding out the colours are a silver mouth and black painted Predacon symbol on his left shoulder pad. The beetle's head is actually rather small and the bulbous bulk of the "red" part is the next body segment, called the pronotum. When I first saw one, I thought it was a wasp, as the movements and general coloration were extremely similar.
The tail is a actually a missile launcher & the tip is an orange missile tip, but it actually still looks more like a tail than a weapon, which is nice. The missile can't actually fire as it's a ball & pressure type & the end of the missile is inaccessible. Position the wings as a cape, split the beast head on his back (which has no aesthetic value, it splits only to reduce the backpack's protrusion it seems).

This particular borer lays its eggs on the bark of dead logs from ash trees and the resulting larvae eat the inner wood. Most beetles are reluctant to fly, as they must unfold their inner wings from under the hard outer ones. Rotate the forearms, lift out his shoulderpads, place the missile launcher in either hand & you're done. They also serve to give him a demonic or hellish look, which feels appropriate for a character such as this. The long antennae of the adult are quite characteristic of this family, hence the name long-horned. The missile launcher can plug into either hand, although the post at the back prevents him from bending the elbow. The red-headed ash borer, however, is a fast and agile flyer, making the wasp mimicry quite convincing. Without the missile loaded, he can bend his elbow - although there's nowhere to actually stow the loose missile.

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