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Manchester fireman Martin Cain used sports nutrition supplements from CNP Professional to win his fight with injuries and improve his stamina, fitness and personal bests.
Niggling injuries that flared up just as he was preparing for a major event were the bane of triathlete Martin Cain’s life. Kerry Kayes is the sports nutrition specialist who works with several top endurance athletes including boxer Ricky Hatton.
Martin says his experience confirms that a diet including protein supplements leads to better stamina and fitness – because his muscles are in better shape, so he can keep up with his rigorous training schedule.
A key difference with CNP supplements such as Pro Peptide is that they are made with proteins formulated using a patented low-temperature processing method.
Pro Peptide – an advanced blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins for muscle repair and recovery. Pro Recover – a blend of high glycemic (fast-acting carbohydrates) and fast-acting proteins providing a high concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Pro Slam – ready to drink 86ml vial that delivers 27 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates and zero fats in a pre-workout formulation designed to delay the onset of muscle fatigue.

Pro Tect – a blend of Collagen and Glucosamine, which has been scientifically proven to assist in the formation of connective tissue (joints, tendons, ligaments). Pro MR – a high protein, low fat meal replacement formula combining fast and slow proteins for optimum anabolic (muscle growth) and anti-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect. CNP Professional is a leading supplier of sports nutrition supplements ranging from protein shakes, protein bars, creatine supplements, meal replacements, mass gainers, weight loss supplements and post work out shakes all designed for the ultimate in sports nutrition. CNP Professional supplements are carefully formulated to ensure that the body is able to make best use of the nutrients. The Publicity Works is a division of The Publicity Works (UK) Limited, registered in England no. A regular top ten finisher, in 2007 he won his first competition – the Ripon Triathlon.
He founded his company, CNP Professional, on the belief that athletes need better quality protein supplements in order to repair their body and maximise their performance potential. This protects the protein’s valuable bioactivity, which is destroyed in the high temperature processing that other protein supplements use.

This selection of supplements, which includes Pro Peptide, is designed to fulfil maximum energy demands and optimise recovery and repair. Competing in three separate disciplines means triathletes need to be fit enough to train all the time – Kayes says that this makes them prime candidates to benefit from his nutritional philosophy. Being a more natural, less processed product also makes Pro Peptide easier for the body to digest. Glutamine in its more bio-available peptide bonded form rounds off the ideal protein formula. Complex carbohydrates and a balanced vitamin and mineral profile ensure a healthy and effective approach to dietary adjustment.

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