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Sturdy, multi-angle, user-height adjustable inversion table with soft foam padded…View details! Our storied top-seller combines a proprietary mid-weight CORE sweater material…View details! The Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Body Workout Bar is an extreme version of its cousin (seen here).
After each bolt is inserted into its hole, a nut is placed on the end and tightened with the wrench. Installing the Iron Gym Xtreme takes only a second or two since it does not permanently attach to the door.
One important thing to note: if you have a door that is very close to the corner of a room, the Iron Gym Xtreme may not be able to fit properly, as we experienced. All of the six grip positions are well padded and are wide enough to provide coverage for the entire width of the hand.
We liked how the Iron Gym Xtreme was able to offer multiple grip options while doing dips and push-ups on the ground.

The steel tubing which makes up most of the workout bar is coated entirely in grey paint for protection from scratches, but more importantly sweat and moisture. While none of the sections delve into great detail, there are quite a few morsels of helpful fitness information included in the manual. The narrow position is used for standard pull-ups (palms away from body) and chin-ups (palms toward body).
Using a bar like this make these types of workouts so much more enjoyable when compared to using the bare floor. Pull-up exercises like knee lifts can do the trick, but the bar can also be placed on the ground within the doorway to support the legs during sit-ups (see photo above). We found the foam grips to be high quality being that they were comfortable in the hands and did not slip on the tubing. These sections include Steps to Success, Workout Plan, Exercises (illustrated), Eating Recommendations, Food Choices and more. Since there is only 7 inches of clearance between the handles and the ground, the range of motion for dips is fairly small.

We paid close attention to the main bar during use and noticed very little, if any, flexing. The locking washers help to keep everything tightened, as we saw even after several hours of use. Two additional bar pairs must be slid into each other before the bolts can be inserted and locked down. It’s important to pull back on the bar with your legs, not upwards toward the ceiling. The bracer bar at the top has a strip of foam to prevent dents and scratches on the wall (we saw no evidence of damage).
An extender bar is available for separate purchase which lets the bar be used on wider doors.

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