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Added few interesting studies where vitamin D and sunlight exposure were again able to increase testosterone levels.
This hormone D like I said above regulates more than 1,000 bodily functions, including fertility, growth, hormone secretion, and sexual function…Needless to say that if your serum vitamin D levels are too low and more than 1,000 bodily functions are also somewhat impaired. So I guess we can conclude that vitamin D is really a testosterone booster, at least the science seems to support this idea from multiple viewpoints. It’s also known for its ability to increase lifespan, it improves cardiovascular health, and it even maintains bone health when taken along with calcium and vitamin K2. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Testosterone tends to decrease body fat by inhibiting the maturation of fat cells and altering the body's fat uptake activity.

They had 1362 male subjects, and the results show that vitamin D has a linear positive association with serum total and free testosterone levels.
When the genitals were exposed to UV radiation for the same amount of time, the increase in testosterone skyrocketed to ~200%. Men with low vitamin D levels are much more likely to have low testosterone levels when compared to men with adequate amounts of the vitamin. Healthy men who decide to supplement with low dose vitamin D, can expect to have around 25% more testosterone in their bloodstream after a year of supplementation. If your serum vitamin D levels are already in the optimal range, you might not get a testosterone boosting benefit from extra supplementation. UV light exposure seems to skyrocket testosterone production, especially if you expose your genitals to the sun rays.

This can be quite easily achieved when supplementing daily with a low to normal dose of high quality vitamin D3 supplement (this is my recommendation), through a multivitamin, or by spending few hours in the sun each day. It occurs naturally in fish and eggs, although the best way to get it is through regular sun exposure. Meaning that vitamin D more than likely does increase testosterone levels, but it won’t help if you are already in the optimal range of vitamin D (which is definitely not where most men are).

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