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This world is a pretty big mess for vegetarians, it’s like they are being punished for not punishing animals. To increase testosterone, you need to first get rid of estrogen making food and you need to teach your body to not convert everything to estrogen. Cabbage – You need to eat at least one-fourth cabbage EVERY day, it lowers your estrogen and increases your testosterone. Green Peas – Having 100 gm green peas is best for decreasing estrogen and increasing testosterone.

Pomegranate – One pomegranate a day is exactly what you need to eat to lower your estrogen and increase your testosterone production. Beetroot Juice – This heavily reduces estrogen and increases testosterone a bit too, very much needed to get rid of your male breasts.
Walnuts with raisins – This does not lower your estrogen but increases your testosterone. A study claims that about 90% vegetarians have deficiency of protein, vitamin D.  All of this contribute to low testosterone.

They contribute to huge sums of estrogen, which is a female hormone and can lead to your body converting energy into estrogen. Some people don’t like the taste of walnuts, but this combination will make you want to eat more than you need to!

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