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In the 1500s, the Spaniards led by Juan Ponce de Leon tried to search for the Fountain of Youth but didn’t end up successful.
Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland which is a pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain. Proponents of HGH state that the hormone can help slow down or even turn around the aging process. Some adults, on the other hand, may develop GHD after getting to physical maturity, or if their pituitary gland is injured by trauma or radiation. Using these findings of the study, researchers conjectured all sorts of ways HGH could help the old people. Ever since the last 10 years of the mass-production of human growth hormone, it is still not proven to slow the aging process.
Although there is no formal research that proves that HGH works as anti-aging therapy, you can search for informal testimonials everywhere. They found a hormone that can lessen all the wrinkles, reduce your weight, add up muscle mass, decrease blood pressure, improve energy levels and alter the aging process. They added that increasing the HGH levels in their bodies has helped them with weight loss to undoing congestive heart failure damages. Symptoms may include decreased energy levels, poor sleep, increased body fat and diminished muscle and bone mass. Its success in healing muscle damage is one of the reasons many athletes try to take injections of HGH, even if it is banned in sports. First of all, the study did not include women; thus, there was no way to know how the female body would respond to the injections. Hopeful individuals everywhere pay greater than $15,000 each year to get monthly injections of HGH.

But, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC continues to warn customers that there is no dependable proof to support any claims that HGH can make you forever young, help you to lose weight instantaneously or make your muscles bigger. Healthy adults who take in HGH might develop joint pains, swelling in the arms and legs, muscle pains, Diabetes, enlargement of the breast tissue of women, abnormal bone growth, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and high blood pressure.
While doing some research for you, I found nothing that states that HGH will affect the ability to conceive.
Until just recently, Hollywood has done an excellent job of keeping the Human Growth Hormone secret to itself. You most likely bear in mind being a teen, and having your hormones run (and ravage upon) your life. Aging is truly inevitable, but many individuals won’t just accept that fact without putting up a fight. It is truly imperative to note that the symptoms must come from a true hormone deficiency and not just the natural loss of HGH that is part of the aging process. The results included in an increase of lean body mass and elasticity of skin, enhanced mood, a decrease of body fat and encouraging results in blood sugar and blood pressure. Bedridden patients who lost muscles may use HGH to aid in the rebuilding of what had wasted away. A lot of these patients claim that the injections bring back their youthful vitality, energy and health. Human Growth Hormone or HGH as some call it, is an amazing supplement that has been around for a long time. HGH can also increase the risk of diabetes and contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors.
Stomach acids will just break it down if ingested, thus an injection delivers it straight to the bloodstream.

By our late 60s and beyond, the skin becomes less elastic as our joints and bone become weak. The organs like the heart and kidneys also started to return to normal size because of HGH according to the study.
The researchers also confessed that just because the men’s organs and muscles grew bigger, there was no evidence that they were healthier. Although it is true that some studies discussed how HGH promotes lessening of body fat in older people and lean muscle growth, the studies didn’t show a corresponding increase in strength or endurance. FTC also warns against companies that sell products claiming to increase your body’s HGH production. We vacuum all our fat out, drink various food supplements and vitamins and inject our faces with toxins just to erase any signs of aging.
Excess of HGH means exaggerated bone growth, thus a child may become “too tall” for his or her age. We become more prone to heart disease or cancer as our bodies are unable to repair themselves unlike when we were younger.
In order to get a prescription for HGH therapy, you need to have evidence through a blood test that your HGH levels are truly lacking.

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