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We planted lettuce and carrots from seed last year as well and were also surprised by how easy it was!
Depending on your climate, I’d advise planting pepper seeds in the house first (I let mine get to at least 6 inches tall,) then transplant one plant to the center of each planter that has been drilled for drainage, filled with a good potting mix and watered thoroughly. Once the peppers are done producing for the season, or after first frost, pull out one carrot and test it for flavor. I hope this method of growing peppers and carrots in the same large pot works as well for you as it did for me. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Cluny Scotch Whisky is one of America's top selling domestically bottled blended Scotches, made up of a marriage of over 30 malt whiskies from all regions of Scotland and the finest aged grain whiskies. Your success is very encouraging and I feel compelled to try it now:) We too bought a few of these whiskey planters and I have an empty one waiting to be planted. Tamp the pepper’s root ball firmly into its hole and add a plant support stake or tomato cage that you will later tie the pepper plant to as it grows.

If the carrot is not bitter, you can pull out the rest of your crop.This is one of the most rewarding and fun times in the garden, so try to share the experience with someone who will enjoy it as much as you do. Cluny's high malt whisky content gives it a richer flavor and superior taste to like-priced competitors, making it one of the best overall values in the Scotch category today.
Both produced very large vegetables and I swear every carrot seed I planted around the pepper plants grew and grew very well. Then, starting 5 to 6 inches from the stem of the baby pepper plant and using very dry hands, set out a series of carrot seeds to surround it, fanning the seeds out to within an inch or so of the outer edge of the planter. You’ll not only get a large golden treasure to store in loosely closed plastic bags in your fridge (when harvesting pinchl off the green tops to add to your compost pile,) but homegrown carrots tend to get even sweeter during storage. That said, I have been gardening for sixty years, so I should know what I’m doing by now.
Try to space the seeds two to three inches apart from one another, just dropping them onto the top of the wet soil.
It’s tedious work and the seeds are tiny, but spacing them carefully like this will save you the painful task of thinning the plants later.

Once the carrot seeds are in place on the soil surface, cover them with a thin layer of dry sand (builders or play sand, not beach sand) and spray everything lightly with water, being careful not to disturb the sand.
We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. Over the next several days, lightly spray the surface with water again if the soil dries out.
They will quickly grow to form a little feathery forest that will shade the soil surrounding your pepper plant.
For the rest of the growing season just tug out any tiny weeds that you spy, pick off visible insect pests and water the whole planter when needed.

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