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If you are on medications or have a medical condition, always check with your doctor first before making any lifestyle changes or taking new supplements. So if testosterone only trt might lower little bit of cortisol in physiological amounts of supplementing t,  does sypraphysiological amount of testosterone lower even more? In this video the folks from Defy Medical show how to safely inject testosterone in the glutes. Vial with required testosterone, 20-23 gauge syringe with a capacity of 3 ml and a needle length of 1-1.5 inches, an extra 18 gauge needle for drawing testosterone into syringe, two alcohol swabs.
4 Change the 23 gauge needle that comes with the syringe for a 18 gauge one for drawing testosterone from the vial.
6 Remove the cap of the needle without touching the needle or the needle touching anything.
9 With the needle tip immersed in the fluid, slowly depress the plunger, pushing all of the air into the oil (you’ll see the bubbles). 11 When you have the correct amount in the syringe, gently pull the needle out of the vial. 17 Wipe in a circular motion, to a circumference of about two inches surrounding the injection site. 21 Holding the syringe steady, inject the testosterone steadily and slowly by depressing the plunger until all of the testosterone is injected.

PERSONAL COMMENT: I think I have great injection technique using my upper glutes but I have experienced the post-injection cough. Your decision may arise out of your realization that you won’t remember to make daily use of the gels. After all the air is out of the syringe, slowly pull back on the plunger until the proper amount of testosterone is drawn into the syringe. As long as you don’t remove the needle, you can let the fluid go in and out as much as needed. Allow the skin to dry to prevent the alcohol from being introduced into the muscle as the needle is inserted, causing pain or burning.
If there is blood, either push the needle in or pull the needle back a little and pull back on the plunger again, or pull the needle out and start over. You can also have your partner or good friend inject you if you do not feel comfortable doing so. It is a strange feeling compared to inhaling very cold air that makes you cough and feel out of breath for a few minutes.
I personally like using smaller gauge needles (18 gauge, 1 inch) which are bigger in size, to draw the testosterone from the bottle. For your thigh, target the spot by placing one hand just about at your knee and the other at your hip—the area in between is pretty much fair game.

This probably has happened to me only five times in 16 years of testosterone use When it has happened I find that breathing quickly into a paper bag helps it go away faster. I agree with you, I would like to find the lowest amount I need to stay in a good range and feel good. Clean the top of the testosterone vial with an alcohol swab before you insert the needle to draw the product.
Honestly, I cannot tell you if I used a different injection site since I always use the upper buttock area close to my hip. By the way, I hate injecting in my legs since I think it hurts a lot more and the potential for problems is greater.
But some men do not feel comfortable or capable of turning around a bit in front of a mirror to inject in the upper glutes close to the hip.
I think independence is important, so learn whatever works for you so that you do not need anyone else to do it for you.

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