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If you are looking to improve any or all of those facets in your physical fitness, you are probably a great candidate for Les Mills PUMP. I can speak from experience that if weight loss is one of your goals, Les Mills PUMP will get the job done.
One of the nice things about Les Mills PUMP is that there is a ramp up phase for beginners to get their feet wet.
If you ever done a serious mass building program, you know that it is always broken up into training blocks. Do you have any questions about this article or anything relating to health, fitness, and weight loss? In the future, I will be posting more detailed reviews of each of the workouts which make up Les Mills PUMP. Do you hang out two hours or more at the gym each day, going from one weight station to another? If you haven’t worked out in a long time, or never even, the program will teach you proper form and technique so that you can do all the exercises properly. The first training blocks are usually about increasing strength and mass as quickly as possible. It combines resistance training with cardio conditioning so that you get the best of both worlds.
Is most of your time at the gym spent waiting for the station to become free, or wiping down equipment.
Even if you’re a workout veteran, you can benefit from the initial phase because it’s always a good thing to learn the basics. I was used to be tortured by Tony Horton or Shaun T, so I was ready to try something different.  Although I have gotten great results with all of Beachbody’s workout programs, I am always looking for something new and different. The last training block is reserved for cutting, or fat stripping because almost always you will have accumulated some unwanted fat while you were building muscle.

Both men and women can do the same program and get different results.  The same can be said for people with different fitness levels. When I started Les Mills PUMP, I had already been working out for over two years to different programs, yet I still learned a lot of useful things about weightlifting. That’s why if you are a woman looking to get into weightlifting but are afraid to become bulky, Les Mills PUMP is the perfect program for you.
I tried the program because of a recommendation from a friend whose fitness opinion I respect. You could be starting off on your fitness journey or be a person who is highly fit and still do Les Mills PUMP. You push yourself as hard as possible, you will get extreme results that are worth showing off.  Read further so see if Les Mills PUMP is right for you. Les Mills PUMP is a program that a beginner can feel comfortable doing, but an advanced fitness enthusiast will benefit as well. Because you are doing serious resistance training, your body will maintain or even continue to build muscle mass.
I didn’t know anything about Les Mills PUMP except that it is very good at getting you shredded. By beginner, I mean someone who needs to be shown the basics and the fundamentals of weightlifting. However, due to the intense cardio nature of the program, you will be burning off a lot of fat in the process.
Long story short, I found that I loved the workouts despite having no prior knowledge of them.
This is not to say, however, that the program is easy because I can guarantee you that at the advanced stages, you will be struggling and suffering no matter what you think your fitness level is. Another great advantage is that you will be building extreme muscular endurance while doing Les Mills PUMP.

It is a fantastic resistance training program that is extremely effective at increasing muscular endurance, building muscle, and burning fat. Don’t let the beginner label lull you into a false sense of overconfidence because Les Mills PUMP can kick your ass. Although it is not primarily a mass building program, I don’t want to suggest that you can’t build muscle mass from Les Mills PUMP, because you can.
I have been lucky enough to meet and work out with them in person and I have to say that they are extremely talented fitness professionals who really know how to get your body moving. The program will force your muscles to not only work hard, but work efficiently for long periods of time. Combine cardio and resistance training in one workout and you will turn your body into a calorie torching machine. The bottom line is that if your program at the gym has stopped working for you, time to change your program. As soon as you press play, you will quickly forget that you are working out in the comfort of your home. If you are using the right amount of weights and following along with the pace and tempo of the workouts, it is unavoidable that your muscular endurance will improve. If you want to increase your weight loss even more, follow the nutrition guide that comes with Les Mills PUMP and your body will drop weight like fall foliage.

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