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January 21, 2010 Last Sunday morning we were at FGT and after service we had to rush back to CBC for something.
But back then when i was growing up, our small little town had a small KFC and no other fast food places. But i can say this about KFC, the Original Recipe still tastes the same after all these years, size of chicken notwithstanding. We were thinking of where we could grab a quick lunch, and the only one that came to mind was the KFC at the Petronas station in USJ21. With my family being health conscious and fitness crazy these days, we rarely eat at fast food places (except Popeye’s heheh) ESPECIALLY KFC. When i was a little kid, the chicken pieces were definitely bigger (aren’t livestock growth hormones more commonplace now?). It was always a treat to eat fried chicken there, and usually i only got to eat it once a year during my birthday (when i was much older in secondary school, we used to save up our pocket to go there on a weekend with friends). Regardless, and trust me on this, the KFC there tastes better than the one I ate at Kentucky itself. As a profit-driven corporation and part of the private sector, there are many parts of this company that create social, economic, and environmental problems in our society. I know what people usually say – so oily and unhealthy, chicken is so small!, so expensive.
In order to live in a truly sustainable world, we must realize the issues, and contribute by each doing a small act. It is our responsibility as global citizens to make sure the rights of fellow humans and animals are not violated.This blog will try to show you some of these negative impacts that KFC has on our society, and will hopefully motivate you to make a change for the better.
They never asked any advice, and they touted to the press that they had this animal welfare advisory committee. KFC uses maltodextrin, a chemical that suppresses the ability of the immune system, high amounts of KFC salt, which is highly refined table salt that could potentially lead to Alzheimer's, MSG, and Partially Hydrogenated Oils in their products, just to name a few of the ingredients.

This is because KFC's main interest is in it's customers and shareholders, to keep the customers happy they keep prices low, and to keep shareholders happy they pay workers as low a percentage of the product as possible. This creates environmental problems from deforestation, and many species are now endangered and will potentially go extinct because of this, like the Sumatran Tiger. One cannot have a sustainable world without a livable, beautiful environment, so this needs to stop. However, KFC has taken some measures to stop supporting such a horrible corporation, and KFC Indonesia has stopped buying from APP! Although the restaurant employee and manager were disgusted and tried apologizing, Doug did not want to ever go back again. Though he filled out a feedback form, he had no reply until he posted the picture of the chicken sandwich onto KFC's Facebook Page.
This showed KFC to me in a whole new light- one that could not have been achieved throughout only from the hearsay of others.When interviewing one of the employees and the manager of the story, they both said they were very happy to work at KFC.
They said it was better compared to other restaurants they've worked at, and that it was a very nice company.
When asking them whether they knew if KFC used rain forest trees to make their packaging, and that the paper was made by low payed workers in South-East Asia, they said that KFC was not affiliated with this in any way.
The employee said that she was paid minimum wage- (around $11 as of now in Canada), but she was quite happy to be paid this amount.However, just one store cannot represent the entire "population" of KFC workers. By interviewing workers of this one store, it shows that these workers are uninformed that this is happening, and as global citizens we must do our duty and inform others of social issues.
I found a link to a PETA website showing some of your workers abusing the chickens to points of near-death torture.
I found this horrifying that the chicken I enjoyed sometimes in the past could have come from such destructive measures. I would not wish to support a company if I knew that this is what they did to their products.

I read that these workers were frustrated with their low pay, venting their anger off at the chickens.I saw on Green Peace that a study proved that your products held at least 50% Rain Forest fiber as of 2012. I understand that you are a company- and your shareholders and your customers are your primary concern. This company has been involved with deforestation, destruction of habitat, and poor working conditions for workers.
If your entire company boycotted APP, APP could potentially realize the harm it is causing, governments may set up conservation laws after they see that a corporation such as yourself realizes the threat APP poses.On a brighter side, I have recently went to one of your outlets and I am pleased to say that all of them are very happy with working at KFC- despite being paid minimum wage (around 11 dollars in Canada).
However, I cannot be sure this is the opinion of all your employees.I discovered while researching a quote from one of your former members of your animal-advisory council, Adele Douglass. I felt like I was being used." If this is truly the case, I think it would be best that you try changing this as fast as you can. My friends, family and I would feel much better about eating at KFC if we knew they actually did something to help their chicken.
In a film about corporations, my class learned that even though these measures may gain temporary wealth- it cannot sustain itself through this system.I understand that no company will ever be perfect, but I think that by realizing these small things and discussing them in your corporation will lead to great change.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, albeit a small one to the right direction. Although it focuses on political change, it can virtually still address any other issuesTalk with an Expert or other people interested in resolving the issue, together you can combine ideas to make changeWrite a letter to your government, if applicable. Your representative can address these issues in the government, as the government has more power to resolve these issues, by creating preservation laws, etc.Finally, you can get yourself informed on the situation as much as possible or take action yourself! If everyone does their small act, soon huge change will be made, leading to a more sustainable, happier world.

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