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I’m up early and off for a morning jog then home to pack lunch and head out for a day with the family! Wednesday – (My crazy busy day) 8 mile run in the morning (meant to do 5 but just felt good), 30 minutes of cardio kickboxing at The Studio (trying to learn the moves) 20 minutes of slow cardio kickboxing in training. Welcome to FiercelyFetchingFiercely Fetching is all about the things I love to do, the places I love to go, the fashions I surround myself in and sometimes the people I surround myself with. Rogue Beauty Bar offers a full flight of styling services, including hair cutting, styling, coloring, extensions and smoothing services. Haute Barre is a lifestyle; a dynamic fitness experience that delivers an effective total body workout in an upbeat and motivating boutique environment. HIT Results Fitness uses the scientifically proven High Intensity Training (or HIT) method of building strength.  HIT is built on the principle that exercise should be intense, brief, and infrequent. Not turning on my map app – Before when I trained I was constantly tracking my pace, distance, overall time etc. Doing it for enjoyment – I mentioned before that my main goal for this race is to have fun.

I'm Giselle, a 30 something stay at home mom to my Love Nugget, wife to my Hubby, self proclaimed health and fitness fanatic. The information I share on my blog is based on my own experience, personal knowledge and is what works for me. I've been told that I am an influential person in the way of fashion, food and fitness and decided to take my daily routine to a blog.
The technique blends ballet barre based movements, yoga and core strength training.  This program raises the barre and takes body sculpting to a new level! Using the HIT method, you’ll perform exercises with a high level of effort, which stimulates your body to increase muscle strength. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated on all things Fiercely Fetching by subscribing to the RSS feed. Before when I was running half marathons I was always trying to meet a new PR or keep up or even beat the person running with me. I love to share fitness tips, workouts, healthy recipes, nutrition news, party planning and everything else in between here on my blog.

Peppermint, rosemary, grapefruit, lavender and eucalyptus are the perfect cocktail to soothe and relax your body. Jenn is one of the best in her field and her training and experience are proven in her work.
Increasing lean muscle tissue increases your metabolic rate, which enables your body to burn fat more rapidly.
When I started training for this half marathon I knew I didn’t want to focus on those things but more on having fun and taking it easy. This time around I’m making sure to get in a day or two of cross fit or some other form of weight lifting.
You will leave your appointment feeling your best because she loves building relationships with her clients and helping them feel "extra beautiful".

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