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Some fitness experts say: "Your core muscles are probably the most important group of muscles in your body. Abdominals get all the credit for protecting the back and being the foundation of strength, but they are only a small part of what makes up the core. Because the muscles of the trunk and torso stabilize the spine from the pelvis to the neck and shoulder, they allow the transfer of power to the arms and legs. Training the muscles of the core helps correct postural imbalances that can lead to injuries.
Core exercises are most effective when they engage many muscles throughout the torso that cross several joints and work together to coordinate stability. Created with busy people in mind, these routines from fitness expert Neila Rey, now known as Darebee, can be done anywhere, at any time. Many of these routines count towards your recommended 150 minutes a week of exercise and muscle-strengthening activity. Forget everything you know about abdominal exercises: you don't have to perform endless stomach crunches on the floor for that six pack. Release tension in your limbs with this seated yoga routine, which you can do throughout the day, including at work at your desk. Relieve tension and stiffness in the neck with these stretches. Perform each move slowly and smoothly, and breathe deeply and regularly. Hopping exercises are fun and energising, especially if you've got some music on in the background. This routine is designed to strengthen your lower body and improve your cardio fitness.
These knee-strengthening exercises will help with your running, strengthen the muscles around the knee, and prevent knee pain.
You'll feel like you really have run up a hill after doing this routine, which develops speed and power in your lower body and core muscles, as well as working your cardio fitness. You've got 24 hours to complete this full-body muscle-strengthening routine, which can be broken up into convenient chunks.
A series of strength and flexibility exercises to help reduce lower back pain, including tension, stiffness and soreness. The knee cross crunch hits your entire core — the upper, lower, and oblique muscles, says Joy Di Palma, certified trainer and owner of TrainerJoy and Core Conditioning CrossFit in Los Angeles. The double arm reach is a total-body exercise that strengthens abs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
The medicine-ball side throw fires ups abs, obliques, and lats while raising your heart rate. The medicine ball slam is one of the best ways to train the abdominal region: in short explosive bursts, says Cardiello.
The movement of the triangle press teaches the body to stabilize and support weight as it is lowered and raised back to its original starting position, explains Cardiello.

Using a cable, the torso rotation tones your abs through the rotation movement, targeting the hard-to-hit oblique muscles. By logging in, you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
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Combine cardio with core work to reap the flat-belly benefits of both types of sweat sessions in this quick, 20-minute workout.
Learn the details of the strength-training moves below, then print this workout, and start jumping!
Exhale and lift the weight diagonally across your body, ending twisted to the right with the dumbbell above your head. Hold the dumbbell above your head, squeezing your ears with your upper arms to activate your core. Exhale to engage the abs as you kick your right leg up, bringing your left hand to your right toes, doing a small crunch. Pull your elbow back, squeezing your right shoulder blade toward your spine while you twist to the right. Keeping your abs pulled to the spine, circle the weight around your head starting to the left. A Swiss ball is unstable, so the main muscles you are working will need the help of supporting muscles to balance you and the ball. The basic abdominal floor crunch is old news at this point, and you want to take core training to the next level. All powerful movements originate from the center of the body out, and never from the limbs alone. The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness; the type of fitness that is essential to daily living and regular activities.
A large number of core strengthening exercises can be done at home with no equipment while some require the use of equipment and gadgets.
Core muscles need to work as a unit, contract at the same time, across joints in order to stabilize the spine.
This standing abs routine strengthens your entire core and works your cardiovascular fitness, too. The unstable nature of the inflated ball engages and strengthens many more muscles than classic stomach crunches, helping to develop balance and posture. Why not turn your couch into a workbench with this 30-minute full-body muscle-strengthening workout.

No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. The cross body chop works abs, shoulders, upper back, and glutes, while elevating your heart rate for maximum results. This move does not hit all abdominal muscles, but it fires up the exterior abs muscles and gives arms a light workout. This helps strengthen the lower body and core muscles, which can help reduce the chances of lower back injuries, he says.
Training with the cable weight for the standing crunch allows you to do fewer reps because abs fatigue quicker from the resistance, she explains. For best results, make sure you squeeze glutes to avoid strain on the knee, suggests Haley.
Using the cable to focus on one side of the body at a time helps create balance between the lower anterior and posterior portion of the core, he says.
Unlike crunches, which can put strain on your neck, it’s a more natural movement for your body, she explains. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
It alternates between jumping rope and standing ab exercise, so you can tone your belly while burning serious calories in just 20 minutes. Your core muscles are responsible for your posture, and they are the basis of your strength. Not a bad choice, considering almost all of our daily tasks require core strength (yes, even sitting at your desk). Before any powerful, rapid muscle contractions can occur in the extremities, the spine must be solid best belly fat burning exercises stable and the more stable the core, the most powerful the extremities can core muscle exercises. This energising routine is designed to strengthen your legs and buttocks, and improve your cardio fitness. The dumbbell weight should be challenging, but not so heavy that you begin to feel the burn in your shoulders instead of your abs, she says.
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We use one eight-pound dumbbell in this workout to increase the toning potential of each exercise. Stronger, balanced core muscles help maintain appropriate posture and reduce strain on the spine.

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