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The right brain is used for creative thinking, and the left brain is for more logical, analytical thinking. Go to a bookstore and pick up a magazine about a topic that you know nothing about, such as whale watching, sailboat racing, or origami.

Instead of reciting the months of the year in chronological order, recite them in alphabetical order, which month comes first? Just like exercising the body keeps it healthy, doing mental exercise keeps the brain young. Since the right brain is better at pattern recognition, you’re more likely to create a solution to your problem if you sing about it. Since money is no object, visualize where you would have the party, whom you would invite, et cetera.

Then, tell your friend that you have sent him or her a telepathic message and that they should be getting it soon. Make sure that your friend doesn’t try to guess, but just thinks of something else for a few minutes.

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