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Professional work station assessments can point out any problems and keep you on the right track if you have a tendency to revert to a bad position. Far as we're concerned, anytime a non-design website brings up any level of industrial design criticism it's a win for our field, even if the posting contains curse words.Thus a recent post on Reddit brought a smile to our face.
While Mafi has been innovating with the design of wooden floors, designer Esti Barnes has been pushing the envelope in not only engineered flooring, but rugs as well.Barnes' company, Top Floor, produces floor coverings like the Enmeshed, Ethereal, Esquire and Eventaille models seen here. At some point you've been in an old building (or even a new one where the contractors tried to save a few bucks) and observed cupped floorboards. The problem is that, as a piece of furniture, an exercise ball is, technically speaking, butt ugly. What we do consider the Balance Ball Chair to be is a healthier alternative to your typical desk seat.
The Balance Ball Chair is also pretty cheap, especially when compared a high-end ergonomic option. Of course, none of that has to do with why there are Balance Ball Chairs at the Spot Cool Stuff office.
SPOTCOOLSTUFF Design reviews furniture, cool architecture, personal accessories and a cadre of high design items with a WOW!

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. How about a chair that gives you an electric shock every hour or so to remind you to stretch out and sit up. Spot Cool Stuff was pregnant, we’ve been inundated with information about the merits of sitting on an exercise ball. By happy coincidence, the best spinal posture is also the one that’s the easiest to balance with. If your phone rings while sitting on a normal chair at your desk, chance are that you’ll stretch to reach it and return to your pre-call sitting position. If the ball bursting is a real worry then they can be engineered to be effectively unburstable. To help with both issues, Gaiam, a cool purveyor of healthy lifestyle products, developed the Balance Ball Chair.
In fact, we know of several offices that don’t allow their employees to sit on large stand-alone inflatable plastic balls but do allow the Balance Ball Chair. Since sitting on a ball — even a soft inflatable one — forces you into a position for optimal balance, your spine will benefit.

That might not be considered very lady-like but it does allow your lower back and pelvis to be in a more balanced relationship.
While I'd start my work sessions vigilantly paying attention to posture, as I became more engrossed in the task at hand, my body would subconsciously find a way to stay balanced on the chair while increasing the amount of slouch.2.
As for the comparison with the defective chair; the fall occurred because the chair didn't behave as expected, a ball has a very simple performance model and apart from deflating (which should be fairly obvious) doesn't have the multiple failure modes that an office chair has and could therefore be considered much safer. Whether you are pregnant or not, whether they were women or not, sitting on an exercise ball really does promote health and posture.
And as the ball rotates around, eventually you wind up sitting on a dirty spot.Ball chairs like the one seen in the photo above take care of problem #2, but how are they at problem #1? I always assumed it was a matter of personal proclivities, that the alert user would find the ball worked well for them, while the slovenly like me would fail to reap any ergonomic benefits over time.In Ergonomics Today, chiropractor Ian Chong attempts to get to the bottom of the matter with his "What's the Hubbub About Ball Chairs? Users were quizzed on the ball chair across six categories, with the results posted here and some further analysis and conclusions drawn here.

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