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OK, get ready to throw out old notions you've probably heard time and time again from so-called fitness gurus, or even well-intentioned friends and family. It's also critical to understand that intensity training is not only ideal for optimal fat metabolism, but also muscle maintenance and total-body conditioning. In an ideal world, you'd combine your resistance training and cardio into one total workout. Working out on an empty stomach depletes your energy, which dramatically compromises your stamina and puts you at risk of feeling dizzy or passing out.
However, steady-state cardio (biking, hiking, swimming, etc.) isn't the most efficient way to train -- especially for fat burning. The way to maximize the health benefits from your workouts is to incorporate both into your fitness routine.

I recommend this kind of cardio only if you absolutely love it or you need an easy, recovery fitness day.
It's essentially circuit training, during which you'd perform one strength-training exercise after the next in swift succession, and then work in HIIT intervals. Here's why: your body will pull energy from multiple sources when exercising -- primarily body fat, blood sugar and sugar stored in the muscles (glucose and glycogen).
It can be a simple healthy snack like a banana, low-fat yogurt with berries or apple slices with natural almond butter.
Resistance training with weights or your own body weight is an excellent way to burn fat and boost your resting metabolism. HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) like bike sprints, speed-walking on an incline or doing serious laps in the pool burns a much higher percentage of fat calories than low- or moderate-intensity workouts.

The problem is you can't trick your body into burning only body fat, which many people have believed is possible if you keep your blood sugar very low by starving yourself.
In fact, resistance training will result in one of the greatest EPOC or afterburn effects you'll get from exercising, which means your body will keep burning fat long after the workout is over. To power-through a workout -- especially an intense one (which is the ideal way to train for fat metabolism) -- the body simply needs some energy in the form of sugar.

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