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Suno shows up in the series for the first time when she rescues Goku from the freezing weather when his airplane crashes in the cold northern region. After the Red Ribbon Army Saga, she later appears in the anime filler of the King Piccolo Saga when King Piccolo disrupts a town's celebrations as she was about to give the king of the world some flowers. Now an adult, she reappears in Dragon Ball Z, when Goku asks for energy for the Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu. In Dragon Ball GT, she makes her final appearance alongside Android 8 and the other villagers in episode 40, "Piccolo's Decision" when Goku takes them to New Planet Plant, before Earth explodes due to the use of the Black Star Dragon Balls by Baby. Suno appears in Dragon Ball: Origins 2 in the same role she had in the manga, and also in special bonus levels.
Suno appears as an adult in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, trying to rescue Eighter from Muscle Tower.
HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here! Revenge of King Piccolo has the young Goku, clad in his traditional orange and armed with his fists and fighting staff, hunting down the dragon balls that have been scattered across the world.
Always make sure you download all files that are split other wise joining uncomplete files will corrupt the joint file. Goku met her while he was looking for the Dragon Balls after the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. She is at Jingle Village with Android 8 and the Jingle Village Chief when giving energy for Goku's Super Spirit Bomb. In the bonus level 2-5, Suno befriends a Yeti and Android 8 attacks it thinking the Yeti had kidnapped Suno.

Tien" of Dragon Ball, a girl resembling Suno is shown in the crowd while Oolong is searching for Master Roshi at the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Today in this action packed and extremely fun tutorial we will learn how to draw the ancient Namekian Piccolo. The game follows the adventures of a very young Goku, starting with his fight against the Red Ribbon Army. When Goku had come back from Muscle Tower, she thought he was running to her, but he was actually running to the food she was holding. She and Android 8 are heard talking in the final level of the Majin Buu Saga conclusion in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. In bonus level 2-6, Suno finds the Red Ribbon Robot that had piloted an airplane for Goku in the snow and asks Goku to find its five missing parts for Android 8 to repair it. Once that is complete you can start drawing and shaping out his narrow foot which is a shoe. You spend most of your time in side-scrolling levels that allow you a small amount of three-dimensional movement. Detail the ape a bit on the inner left corner and than you can staert detailing his finger by giving him finger nails. And as you might expect from a Wii game with a child as its protagonist, this is a game aimed squarely at the young. Now draw the beginning shape of his cape which sort of looks like a fly's wing on the right side.
In other words, when you draw those small lines, make sure that they are going in a straight direction.

Though it does have some juvenile appeal, the single-player mode is too simple to keep the attention of more experienced gamers, and the Versus mode is too simple for nearly everyone. Now you can draw three egg shaped circles on the left and right hand side for his muscular arms. From the shapes you just drew draw out the remaining guidelines as shown for his legs and the bottom of his cape.
Remember when you are drawing this Dragonball Z character, make sure you do not forget that ankle part.
He wears a white turban long cape, a purple Asian martial arts uniform beneath his cape with the addition of an obi, and light weight brown footwear.
Sometimes when Piccolo gets into a serious battle, he would take off his cape and fight with just his uniform. My favorite part when he fights was when he was against Cell, Androids 18 and 17, Son Goku, and Raditz. Anyways, I drew him this awesome Dragon Ball Z character using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet while using the computer art program Adobe Photoshop CS.

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