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The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has accused Lindsey Duncan of falsely claiming that his weight loss products could cause customers to lose “17 pounds and 16 percent of their body fat in 12 weeks” all without diet or exercise. DeadState wrote up a piece in December citing a study that revealed about half of the medical claims made on Dr.
Duncan was also charged last year by the Texas attorney general for falsely claiming to be a physician. Love the show today I love Jillian she's the best trainer ever she's my trainer and doesn't know about it LOL!
THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT. Oz’s daytime talk show is feeling the fallout from recent criticism of the celebrity doctor, agreeing to pay $9 million in damages to customers duped by his fraudulent claims that green coffee bean extract would help them lose weight.

Oz but before the show aired, he began selling the extract and tailored a marketing campaign around his appearance on the show to capitalize on the “Oz effect” – a phenomenon in which discussion of a product on the program causes an increase in consumer demand. Oz, Duncan urged viewers to search for the product online using phrases his companies would use in search advertising to drive consumers to their websites selling the extract.
I am an avid Biggest Loser fan and this website just keeps running the short clip and then the ads and NONE OF THE ACTUAL SHOW!
Even doctors are beginning to agree that the majority of diets don’t work for long-term, permanent weight loss for more than 5% of people who use them.
Oz Show by facilitating a larger conversation on health, wellness, and important medical news as it happens. Oz Show and saying he planned to discuss the clinical trials that purportedly proved the supplement’s effectiveness.

If you’re fat, take a good hard look at your relatives – how many of them are fat and how long do most of the fat ones live? Just lost not only a person who might watch your show but also someone to view your website - HORRIBLE SITE.

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