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So is the cost worth it?  That truly depends on your family and situation.  Disney trips are expensive, so saving money where you can is great, but make sure the Dining Plan will actually save you money before you book it. We went with our four children and two sets of parents and found the dining plan to be totally worth it. We’ve never actually bought the dining plan either – it would cost us so much more than we would normally spend on food!
We went to Disney a few years ago when our girls were 15 and 13 (our first trip – I know, bad parents not to indulge our children when they were younger). We ended up using all of our credits the day before we left and had to spend a little out of pocket for the last day but otherwise, it was a great buy for us.
The little ones barely eat so it’s not beneficial for them but the older ones do eat and it would work out ok for them so I have been torn. When I travel with my sister we don’t usually spend that much on food but I did want to get the dining plan when I traveled with my husband. We booked it because we could get in on the free dining special – that saves us enough to make it work, by not buying food. These are some of the biggest experts on the web with a huge wealth of knowledge to share from all aspects of Disney.They all shared a lot of great tips to save you money on your next Disney vacation – be sure to check out all of their sites too for even more Disney information!
Although we stayed at a Disney resort, I don’t often eat breakfast and was happy to skip it in place of just coffee.

IN addition, our 13yo daughter has moderate cerebral palsy and we need to be more choosey about meals (there are certain things she has a harder time eating). I usually do not find the deluxe resorts to be worth it unless you can stay in value season.
Although I think the moderates give you the best bang for your buck!Do your research at what each resort has to offer.
The amenities of what is around and what is available should be a bigger concern than the inside of the rooms.
For example, if you travel the first week of August one year and the last week of July the next an Annual Pass might cost you less. Annual Passholders get discounts on merchandise, on rooms and in some restaurants, plus you will receive free parking. However, one needs to evaluate the costs of the purchase, the annual dues and any interest on loans, if you finance the purchase.
DVC membership, as with APs, comes with a variety of discounts and this should be considered within the total costs of membership over time.In general, avoid the meal plans. Not only can you do better financially purchasing separately, but you can also be very restricted in choice, notably when using the plans that include sit down restaurants. At the sit down locations, you are limited to an entree, dessert and a non-alocholic beverage.

You cannot substitute an appetizer or salad for the dessert, if you tend to not eat desserts. If you eat a fair amount at sit down locations, you are better off considering the Tables in Wonderland (TiW) card (available to AP holders and DVC members), which not only saves on the meal itself, but on alcohol as well, if you tend to have a drink or wine with a meal. While you may have to be patient through multiple on property stops before getting to your destination, it is free and offers convenient baggage handling to and from your resort, so that you can avoid going to baggage claim upon arrival at OIA and dealing with check-in lines at OIA when returning home.
In fact, at some concierge lounges, such as Wilderness Lodge and the Grand Floridian, the evening offerings are so hearty that you may not be even hungry for dinner. Instead, apply the amount you would have paid for your entire party on any of the Disney Dining Plan options to a debit card you purchase at your bank.
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