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Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, make sure you are not surrounded by a bunch of jerks. Even though it is common for platelet levels to come down during pregnancy, but more than 10 percent drop results in serious problems while delivering the baby. Studies show that more than 8 percent of the pregnancies are affected by a low platelet count in gestational period. The condition is diagnosed when a woman goes through her routine blood tests during pregnancy. Excessive bleeding on injuries, clotting and red thrush are common in people suffering from this condition. There is no specific treatment for this condition, other than changing a part of your diet and taking good care of general health. If the platelet count levels show a serious drop then platelet transfusion becomes necessary to suffice the sharp decrease in the blood platelets. The condition usually occurs in the final trimester of pregnancy but in some cases it may show up earlier also.

Generally it is a harmless condition and would never pose a direct threat to mother or baby. The patient is advised to have a good and healthy diet, that includes green leafy vegetable, fruits, whole grains and less oil and fat. The pregnant woman is advised to go through regular blood tests to keep a check on the count of blood and platelets levels.She is also asked to be careful and keep a watch on any abnormal bleeding. It is a condition that occurs when platelets levels in the blood drops, sometimes for no specific reason at all.
There are no certain causes of Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy.Whenever the blood volume increases and surpasses the total volume of platelet which remains the same, the condition results in a low platelet count. If the count is below normal, that is lesser than 150,000 platelets, it is considered a low count. However extremely low platelet counts result in the beginning of a condition called Pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome.The main symptoms of this condition are headaches, excessive nausea, hypertension and a high protein content in the urine. Also, special precautions are taken while giving epidural at the time of delivery to avoid any injury to the spine.

Apart from a good diet one must drink plenty of fluids to increase the blood platelets level and improve the basic immunity.
In some cases the only solution is to plan an emergency cesarean and bring the baby out to cut the major risks associated with this condition.
It is signified by a dilute blood and scattered platelets, which show a sharp and drastic decline as compared to blood level. Further, some more tests can be done, once the treatment proceeds, to check whether the count has increased or decreased even more.
Another big risk of a low platelet count during pregnancy would be if you have to go through a c section delivery. A person suffering from Thrombocytopenia would be more likely to bleed during the surgery process.

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