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When you think of creatine, you may think of the big burly rugby playing type at the gym with veins popping out here, there and everywhere. Creatine’s role in energy production is to increase the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The thought is that creatine will help provide your muscles with more energy in anaerobic activity allowing you to work harder.
Creatine supplements provide the body with two to three times the amount of creatine than can be obtained from a high protein diet and is used by those wishing to gain muscle mass. There have been some speculations surrounding the safety of creatine supplements and some research has suggested liver and kidney damage. It is important to note that not everyone's body will react the same to creatine supplements and some may find they don't see much improvement. Out of all the nutrients we feed our bodies, protein may be the most desired for people who exercise. While you may know about whey protein, what you may not know about is hydrolyzed protein, which is created by hydrolyzing, or pre-digesting, intact proteins into a mixture of amino acids and smaller proteins. Some supplement manufacturers’ claim that the “pre-digestion” enhances bioavailability, thereby increasing muscle protein synthesis. Whey is a “fast” protein, meaning it is digested quickly and absorbed, and its amino acids are rapidly delivered to the bloodstream and thus muscles.

Basically, what this study found is that the essential amino acids are higher when a person ingests whey (“fast” protein) as opposed to casein (“slow” protein). This is one reason why ingesting protein before exercise may be superior to after; the spike in amino acids will occur exactly when blood flow to the exercising muscles is maximal, thereby directing the building blocks to where they are most needed. Protein response is not due to bioavailability alone, which is important in terms of whether you should take hydrolyzed protein.
What these studies show is that non-hydrolyzed whey is approximately twice as good as casein. Greater stimulation of myofibrillar protein synthesis with ingestion of whey protein isolate v.
Ingestion of a protein hydrolysate is accompanied by an accelerated in vivo digestion and absorption rate when compared with its intact protein.
Ingestion of whey hydrolysate, casein, or soy protein isolate: effects on mixed muscle protein synthesis at rest and following resistance exercise in young men.
Whey protein stimulates postprandial muscle protein accretion more effectively than do casein and casein hydrolysate in older men. This is not clear to me, you say: What these studies show is that non-hydrolyzed whey is approximately twice as good as casein. Hey Marty, you make a GREAT point, which is that hydrolized protein is easier to digest than Whey Protein concentrate or isolate.

From least to most expensive => whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, then hydrolized protein.
I had always presumed that, unless one had a gastrointestinal issue that hindered normal digestion, the increased digestibility of hydrolyzed protein was unnecessary. Most of my musings may be rather insignificant since we should ideally be getting our protein from whole food sources and use whey for what it was meant to be – that is, a supplement and not a major source of protein. Because of their supposed power, hydrolyzed protein can cost as much as 30% to 200% more than their conventional counterparts. This higher concentration of essential acids is associated with higher muscle protein synthesis both at rest (“FED”) and after exercise (“EX-FED”). Koopman and Pennings show that hydrolyzing casein makes it a “fast” protein, but this doesn’t increase its ability to stimulate protein synthesis.

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