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Als bij hoge temperaturen duursporters meer dan 3-4 procent van hun lichaamsgewicht aan vocht verliezen verminderen hun prestaties. Wat wel werkt is het water toedienen met een stof die ervoor zorgt dat het lichaam dat extra vocht langer vasthoudt. De proefpersonen moesten na en week eerst een half uur fietsen bij 10 graden Celsius op 60 procent van hun maximale zuurstofopname. Hoewel je uit de resultaten zou kunnen afleiden dat hyperhydratie duursporters onder zomerse omstandigheden beter laat presteren, trekken de onderzoekers die conclusie niet. To understand chemical reactions in cells, we must understand the thermodynamics (energy) of the reactions. Recent studies have shown that consuming glycerol before a workout can boost your ability to retain intra-muscular fluid by up to fifty percent.Whether your main goal is endurance, speed, power or strength, a well hydrated muscle is at the core of your results. Volgens studies is er een positief verband tussen de hoeveelheid vocht die duursporters tijdens wedstrijden verliezen en hun prestaties. If the G for a process is positive, the forward process is not favored and the reverse of the process is favored).

Drinking adequate amounts of water, while useful for the average person, will still fall short of hyper-hydration, which is a state of maximized hydration which prevents fatigue, increases strength and prolongs endurance. Voedingsonderzoekers van de University of Glasgow bestudeerden het effect van hyperhydratie door een cocktail van creatine en glycerol.
Effect op de maximale zuurstofopname of de verbranding van voedingsstoffen vonden de onderzoekers niet.
GMS from LiveLong Nutrition™ is the most effective solution to the problem of dehydration, and it also offers a unique advantage over sports drinks in that it increases nutrient shuttling, which means increased absorption time and increased results when combining it with ingredients like Creatine Monohydrate.
Ze gaven 15 mannelijke duurlopers een week lang 2 keer per dag 10 gr creatine, 1 gr glycerol per kg lichaamsgewicht en 75 gr van een glucosepolymeer. Increased, all-day-long muscle pumps, increased muscle volume leading to increased muscle protein synthesis, and hyper-hydration which decreases fatigue and increases endurance.No one will argue that hydration is essential to good health. What is less known, except by advanced athletes, is that hyper-hydration can increase performance measurably, by increasing beyond its natural capacity, the ability of a muscle cell to absorb more water.
First, more water is available at a cellular level to help shuttle waste products out of the mitochondria (the engines of the cell) and increase the amount of time until fatigue sets in.

Second, it causes an expansion of the muscle cell walls which in turn increases certain processes which increase muscle protein synthesis and increase of sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (the increase of the sarcoplasm to retain volume and size). With GMS, it is possible to achieve a level of hyper-hydration that provides both of these benefits, GMS, or Glycerol Monostearate is a molecule of Glycerol attached to a fatty acid known as stearic acid. When consumed with a large amount of water, GMS forces muscle cells to absorb more fluid than they would otherwise, achieving a level of hydration that no other sports drink or performance aid can deliver.GMS delivers hydration like no other product can. But what sets it even further apart from all other sports drinks and hydration aids has to do with its ability to dramatically increase absorption of nutrients and ingredients such as Creatine Monohydrate, making those nutrients and ingredients work much more effectively and increases the capacity of those cells to retain more of that ingredient than otherwise could be achieved with regular supplementation.
If maximum absorption and increased efficacy of the supplements you take is important to you, then adding GMS to your preworkout drink will deliver results!
Glycerol Monostearate (GMS) from LiveLong Nutrition™ delivers performance results through two unique and powerful methods.

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