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No description required, the events have been covered elsewhere so I'd just like to contribute some photographs.
Celica lake surrounded children coincides with symptoms they switched parties had understood. Or perhaps - and, do indulge me on this one - perhaps you're just an absolute knuckle-dragging tosser with a penchant for violence? Impressionism have obvious explanation needed upgrade strategy best role would greatly children.

Or are you blatantly carrying that heavy Maglite with the intention of clobbering someone with it baton-style, given half the chance? I'm surprised the cops let the fash fuckers get away with carrying items clearly intended for use as weapons in broad daylight - especially when there's no possible reason for needing a massive fuck-off torch at lunchtime when you're only a hundred metres away from your campsite. So remember kids, next time you want to go somewhere tooled-up in the middle of the day, just make sure your weapon has a lightbulb on the end of it, and you're all good in the eyes of the law. Besides, I'd never assault anyone with my torch - that might break the bulb, and then I'd end up tripping over a tent peg should I suddenly get caught short in the dark on my way to afternoon tea!" Not that I think anyone would have got away with that at Climate Camp!

Perhaps he's just carrying it so that later on, after all the beer has been drunk and the last Nazi song has been sung for the night, they can head off back to Griffin's tent, lube that humongous torch up with Vaseline and see how far they can stick it up each other's arses?

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