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Like the project templates installed with Visual Studio, online project templates enable people to easily start creating various applications.
Even though you may not know exactly what an IE8 accelerator is, the inclusion of a thumbnail icon + a preview image + a description help to explain the purpose of this application. I clicked “OK” to install the template and once the download and install completed I was presented with a “Readme” welcome page to instruct me on how to get started. Here’s how you can create an online project template like IE 8 Accelerator that has a clear purpose and shows you what to do next. In Visual Studio Pro or above go to Tools -> Extension Manager, click on the “Online Gallery” and type “Export Template” into the search bar.

Click “Download” to install and then restart Visual Studio in order to finish installing the extension. Debug the project – verify that it builds successfully and that the application works as expected. Open welcome.htm in a browser or Visual Studio and verify that everything looks as expected.
Version: Higher numbered versions supersede lower numbers in Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Gallery. Allow discussions for your extension: Check this so that you will be able to get feedback from users of your extension.

Automatically import the template into Visual Studio: Check this so that you can immediately verify your template. Agree with the Contribution Agreement, enter the encoded words, and click Create Contribution.

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