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I will walk though, step by step how you can brand the My Site in SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio.
Now you need to add your custom MySite Master page to the project, start with adding a Module under FeatureElements (Right kick the folder and choose add -> new item). At this point i normally swap the CSS to my custom and add a colored background, it makes it easier to see that it works later on. Right click on the feature and add Event Receiver, then edit the receiver and you will find a GUID, save it to note pad for now.
Now we need to create the stapling feature that staples the custom master page to a My Site when created. Thats is, if every thing is working you should now have a custom master page in your MySite that you can brand however you like.
In your project create a new folder that you call Receivers, right click the folder and Add new Event Receiver. Add the following code and don’t forget to change the namespace to mach your project. Site Definitions give you lots of flexibility in choosing custom layouts, features, elements, modules, etc., that are included when a new site is created in SharePoint.
How do I create a custom Site Definition, as well as content related to a Site Definition in SharePoint 2010, using the Visual Studio 2010 project template?
In the Templates pane, select the Site Definition project template under SharePoint 2010 templates folder.
You will see a SharePoint Customization Wizard asking for a local site for debugging and deployment.

Onet.xml is all about Navigation areas, List Definitions, Modules, List Templates, Configurations, BaseTypes, Components, etc. Export and then import the custom master page into Visual Studio, as outlined in Walkthrough: Import a Custom Master Page and Content Page with an Image. Add a folder to the module named _catalogs, and then another one under it called masterpage. In the Manifest mode, you also see title, ID, scope, and element files of this feature (See Figure 12).
Right-click the Site Definition node in Solution Explorer, point to Add, and then click on New Item.
When adding a custom field, you must specify the ID, Type, Name, DisplayName, and Group attributes for the field in order for it to appear correctly in SharePoint. At the top of the SharePoint Web page, click the Site Actions button and then click Site Settings. In the Site Column Gallery page, scroll the page down to the Custom Contact heading and note the new field item has been added, Region and Standard Rate (See Figure 17).
Right-click the site definition node in Solution Explorer, point to Add, and then click on New Item. Select Content Type in the list of templates and name the new content type, input ContactContentType name. On the Choose Content Type Settings page, select Contact in the list for the base contact type.
Select the Add a list instance for this list definition box to add a list instance project item to the project.

Now, I want to deploy this list definition to scope Web, so I must create a feature for it. Don’t forget that when you deploy this to the production you will need to Activate the feature the MySite Site collection under site collection features.
Furthermore, Site Definitions make it easier to maintain and upgrade your SharePoint solutions.
To do this, right-click the project node in Solution Explorer, point to Add, and then click New Item. The statement completion erroneously indicates that you need only the first three of these attributes when, in fact, all five are required. You should see the list definition with list instance appear in Solution Explorer (See Figure 20). Note that the new field Region and StandardRate must appear as a column in the list instance.
Our solution is now ready for packaging into a .wsp solution file and deployment into the SharePoint farm. I try to make my guides as detailed as possible, I know how frustrating it is to find a guide where the author only explain half of what is needed to complete something.
Use the Create GUID tool on the Tools menu to generate a unique GUID for each additional field (See Figure 15).

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