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A job resume template is an application which is submitted by job hunters to apply for a vacant job position.
This new billing invoice template provides a very simple and professional way to bill your clients. This template is the first in a line of new invoice and billing-related templates that will all use a similar style. This spreadsheet features a new clean and crisp design with the default color scheme set to grayscale for more ink-friendly printing.
The table includes a QTY (quantity) and a UNIT PRICE column so that you can enter labor charges as hours and rate and still list individual service charges. If you happen to live in a state that charges sales tax or gross receipts tax for services, you can use the second worksheet (the tab labeled InvoiceWithTax) that lets you include tax. Mail it or send a PDF: When sending an invoice to a client, either print and mail a paper copy, or send a PDF. Simple Invoicing - This article explains how you can organize your invoice files and store copies of the invoice for billing repeat customers. Listed below are some professionally designed SWOT analysis templates which you can download or print for free. This customized SWOT analysis of NIKE summarizes its strengths and weaknesses as well as its opportunities and threats,.
When you usually make a big decision, like changing your career path from being a software engineer to a marketer, you always think it through by weighing the pros and cons.
First up we have a very simple blank printable swot analysis template, perfect for professionals who are already familiar with SWOT diagrams. SWOT analysis templates are one of the easiest ways to do a SWOT analysis of your project, business or the company. Glad to help out Daniel, Templates sure make life easy and we continue to add more templates. I read your tutorial the first time it is the great article I have never read this type article it is giving me an excellent knowledge of themes create, This section will share my friend, and I know very well there also liked your tutorial, Than you so much for sharing with an online community.
Notify me of replies to my commentThis blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 9 approved comments. I have a new page in the navigation menu  at the top of the site for RPG-Related resources, and the first of those resources is now available for download. I have just finished putting together the first version of my own D&D 5E character sheet. Our 5th Edition game actually starts this weekend, so I will probably end up making a few changes after we get rolling and see how the sheets work out. The owner(s) of this blog may be compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Technology, circumstances, and the validity of information change over time, and all information, data, and opinions on this site are provided for informational purposes only. There are few things that can galvanize the news world’s attention like a change in leadership atop The New York Times.
Our media reporter friends are still chasing down why Jill Abramson was fired, and I’m sure in the coming days and weeks, our knowledge of that will grow clearer. As bad as this report makes parts of the Times’ culture seem, there are two significant reasons for optimism. First: So much of the digital work of The New York Times is so damned good, despite all the roadblocks detailed here. I asked our three wonderful Nieman Lab staffers — Justin Ellis, Caroline O’Donovan, and Joseph Lichterman — to read through the report and pick out the most important highlights. They will be of interest to Times watchers, of course, but it’s much more important that they reach a broader audience. Michael Wertheim, former head of promotion at Upworthy, turned down a business-side job leading audience development.
The report proposes restructuring arts and culture stories that remain relevant long after they are initially published into guides for readers. The product and design teams are developing a collections format, and they should further consider tools to make it easier for journalists, and maybe even readers, to create collections and repackage the content. They experimented by repackaging old content in new formats with a collection of videos related to love on Valentine’s Day and a collection of stories by Nick Kristof on sex trafficking.
The Times is planning on creating a section of the homepage that uses reader patterns to customize a list of content that readers missed but would most likely want to see. The report points to organizational problems inside the company that contribute to lagging social media promotion and traffic.
In addition, while many in the newsroom are under the impression that the social media team exists to promote their work, that team was in fact originally conceived of as a primarily information gathering body.
The report invests some time in highlighting the independent social media self-promotion efforts by Times reporters and staffers that have been effective. Specifically, they point to the fact that many of their best social staffers learned those skills through the book publishing process, not in the newsroom. The report also singles out comments as a place where the Times nominally attempts to interact with readers. RELATED ARTICLEHabemus opinionem: The New York Times experiments with more structured online commentsMarch 15, 2013The report suggests the Times consider expanding further into live events. The merging of platforms and publishers has garnered some attention in the media space lately, and the report’s authors do not neglect that conversation. Interestingly, the report mentions that what readers see as innovation at the Times — graphics and interactives — is not reflected internally, in terms of workflow, organization, strategy, and recruitment.
Those departments are not tiny: roughly 30 people in analytics, 30 in digital design, 120 in product, and a whopping 445 in technology, with around two dozen teams of engineers. Specifically, they praise the recently released Cooking vertical and the NYT Now app, which were spearheaded by Sam Sifton and Alex MacCallum and Cliff Levy and Ben French, respectively.
The report also describes a developer who quit after being denied a request to have developers attend brown bag lunches along with editorial staffers.
According to the report, there is a sense at the Times that Reader Experience staffers and newsroom staffers are not supposed to communicate. The point of the strategy team would be to help prioritize issues that need to be fixed, as well as being able to lend a voice to problems that staff are reluctant to talk openly about. One problem within the Times is consolidating innovation and experiments to a few desks, namely graphics, interactive news, social, and design. In the triangle of business side, Reader Experience, and newsroom, the newsroom is often seen as defensive or risk averse.
The big question: How can the Times become more digital while still maintaining a print presence, and what has to change? A big tension at the Times is what it means to be digital-first, and how the newspaper can get there. On the Michael Sam story, which was brought to the Times and ESPN, the report says the Times “package was well-executed and memorable, but some of our more digitally focused competitors got more traffic from the story than we did.
According to the report, The Times doesn’t pay attention to how it presents its content on mobile or within apps.
Why they leave: They asked 5 people who worked on digital for the Times what led them to leave — Soraya Darabi, Alice DuBois, Jonathan Ellis, Liz Heron, and Zach Wise.
The Times doesn’t offer much of a career path for people working on the digital side in the newsroom.
There seems to be agreement from editors, reporters, desk editors and more that the Times spends too much time thinking about Page One.

On the hiring front, the report says the Times can’t simply assume people want to work for the paper. On finding and developing digital talent, the report has a variety of recommendations for things inside and outside the building, including finding ways to empower the current staff to do more, identifying the top digital talent in the newsroom and giving them opportunities. The older folks might not know how to operate technology as well as you do, but they did learn how to organize their thoughts into a more coherent structure.
How ‘reality based’ was your reporting on Fukushima or Swine Flu as opposed to hyping fear and panic to attract traffic?
Detailed capital structure reports provide a complete view of a company’s long term obligations, capital costs and credit ratings.
Asset lists inventory all operating and planned power plants as well as transmission and gas projects. Quickly analyze a power plant’s operations over time including generation, heat rate, emission controls, and production costs. Compare regional revenue rates and financial statistics for each company to the regional average.
Integrate SNL Energy’s commodities data into your own Excel models with auto-refresh capabilities to stay current. Instantly view pricing data for coal, natural gas, electricity, heating oil, crude oil, and emissions.
Customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a simple summary of power plants owned to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools, or add years of historical data to create tailored reports. We designed it specifically for freelancers, accountants, consultants, and other small businesses that are looking for something easy to use with a design that is easy to customize. This will allow you to create invoices, quotes, estimates, receipts, and account statements all with the same professional look. You probably don't want your client to know that this is the first time you have ever billed anybody. It is not as professional to send an invoice in an editable format like an Excel or Word document. Date Due: Including the phrase "Net 30 Days" in the TERMS field means that the invoice is due 30 days after the goods are received or the services have been performed. You could change the label to QUOTE # to refer to a previous quote, or you could just delete the label and leave the field blank. In this template, all you need to do is select "RECEIPT" from the drop-down box in cell H1 and a note will appear below the total that says "Paid in full.
If you prefer to modify them online then you can easily do this using our SWOT analysis tools. As the most popular search engine in the world, there are opportunities in the market and a competition to deal with while maintaining the business. Any brand, universally popular or still new to the market, can use this SWOT analysis template to analyze the external and internal factors that may affect its brand authority and growth in the market. With over 1 billion users, Facebook has become one of the most popular social media networks in the world.
With the rapid increase in the industry of eCommerce and cloud computing, amazon has come to face major competition from thousand other companies. As a globally popular chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, it has a brand name to maintain over 119 countries.
A SWOT analysis like the one below will help you arrive at a well thought-through decision by helping you see all the pros (strengths and opportunities) and cons (weaknesses and threats) of your big career change decision. There are many more colorful SWOT analysis templates available at Creately which are perfect for any project.
You can download it as a PDF file ( for high resolution prints ) or modify it online using our tools. I handle marketing stuff here at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. I can definitely use some of these to assist when helping some of my soldiers analyze their market.
This sheet, based loosely on the official Fifth Edition sheet from WoTC, includes a focus on spellcasting, including a paper-clip based spell tracking system borrowed from the original character sheets for the Deadlands RPG. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. Always seek expert assistance when engaging in any activity associated with any type of risk, health, financial, or otherwise. Use of these items, product or company names or other trademarks is for identification and information purposes and does not constitute a challenge of ownership or intellectual property rights. The earliest reporting, at least, doesn’t seem to suggest lack of digital vision as a leading significant factor. His involvement in this report shows that he understands the issues facing the institution.
I doubt there is a newsroom in the world that wouldn’t benefit from understanding the cultural issues laid out below. They give an example of a reader wanting to find the Times’ initial review of the play Wicked. It considered improving its tagging efforts in 2010, but the paper decided not to pursue it. Traffic actually decreased from the previous year, the report states, and overall leadership was lacking — team experts were confused about the tools available to them and tended to err on the side of the conservative.
Their research included an experiment in identifying social influencers, both in the newsroom and outside it, prior to a story being published. While the Times takes pride in its ability to encourage discourse while maintaining the brand by moderating its comments, the report suggests this level of engagement may not be sufficient. They highlight the success media brands such as The Atlantic and The New Yorker have had with their festivals and conferences. They look at what organizations that allow users to create content on their sites are doing, and question how the Times could develop a strategy without diluting its brand. In the report, Reader Experience refers to R&D, product, technology, analytics and design. Says David Leonhardt of the process of developing The Upshot, in which he had unanswered questions about competition, audience, platform strategies, promotion and user-testing, “I had no idea who to reach out to and it never would have occurred to me to do it. Meislin “remains such a critical resource, providing information, insight and counsel about digital issues to a range of people in the newsroom and on the business side. Even the mobile group doesn’t have time to look at how the Times can use new technologies, the report says.
The result of this has been that individual staffers and desks, like the news desk, have not had the permission or tools to experiment on their own. Senior editor for digital operations Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman apparently set off a bomb in the form of an email that questioned if the paper was doing enough to prepare for the future.
If we had more of a digital-first approach, we would have developed in advance an hour-by-hour plan to expand our package of related content in order to keep readers on our site longer, and attract new ones.
We aim ambitious stories for Sunday because it is our largest print readership, but weekends are slowest online.
Business Day columnists often show up at the bottom of the business section in mobile because the site loads from the web section fronts. While ambitious journalists are drawn to the Times, digital talent wants the chance to create something new and experiment. The Times also needs to do better hiring the digitally-inclined into leadership positions rather than waiting to promote from within, the report says.

Despite all the claims of holding truth to power, 99% of the time all you are doing is telling lies for power. After setting down all matters, they will deliver you the order word template on very economical rate. This can increase the value of work and enables reader to understand the message completely. Once you have done some work on it like editing or amending, then you will need to reconsider print properties before taking print out.
It is extremely easy with Excel 2010 or later to create a PDF - Just go to File > Save As and choose PDF. If you think your client may not understand that, you could change the label to DUE DATE and enter a date. A SWOT analysis like the one below can be used when it comes to evaluating their current position among their competitors. Under such a circumstance, A SWOT analysis like this is very useful for amazon, as well as any other company,  to come up with new strategies to stay ahead of competition and fend off obstacles on their path.
When it comes to maintaining popularity among such a large number of customers, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is extremely useful. If you created it online you can access your diagram from anywhere and you always have a record of it.
Different color patterns, headings etc available in these template makes it very easy to come up with very professional SWOT diagrams in minutes. These templates would make great additions for presenting information in power points for potential shareholders.
Although threats and opportunities are thought to be only external they can also be internal.
The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. If you feel any image or media item is used inappropriately, please contact me using the form located on the About page.
Some of that could, understandably, be management’s desire not to air its dirtiest laundry in a newsroom-wide memo. Baquet had made his biggest marks as an excellent reporter, editor, and manager, not as an online innovator. The report cites Gawker repackaging a 161-year-old Times story on Solomon Northup timed with the release of 12 Years A Slave.
Why wasn’t the Times doing stuff like that on its own platforms, the report wondered. Before the website redesign, the only way readers could get notified of favorites was by email. The report cites The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Circa as outlets who the Times could emulate. Reuters employs two people solely to search for underperforming stories to repackage and republish. The toolbox would provide strategy, tactics and templates for increasing the reach of an article before and after it’s published. The result of their experiment — getting Ashton Kutcher, who has 15.9 million followers, to retweet a Times story — was considered a success. They stress that there is enormous opportunity for both revenue and engagement in the events space for the Times. They suggest that the Times’ audience is full of educated and interesting people who could easily pen valuable content that might find enthusiasm from readers in the digital space. The proposed strategy group would help desks work on individual experiments and find ways to replicate that elsewhere in the company. This may not sound revolutionary, but the paper, he argued, needs to focus on digital-first reporting that later flows into a print product. Also, stories and columns often ask people to provide reader comments, but that functionality isn’t available on the iPhone or iPad apps.
One larger problem for the Times is that there is a shortage of people in senior positions who understand digital news, which also leaves the paper not knowing who should be promoted on the digital side, the report says. Just think about how many points in our day are still oriented around A1 — from the 10 a.m.
When the Times promoted Aron Pilhofer and Steve Duenes to associate managing editor positions, both improved the hiring efforts on the digital side, the report says.
To hire digital talent will take more money, more persuasion and more freedom once they are within The Times — even when candidates might strike us as young or less accomplished.” Another idea? You are terrorists and propagandists creating fear and paranoia to keep the peasants inline. Different formats are used to draft a job resume like functional, chronological or combination of both. It is also useful when it comes to coming up with new strategies to increase their brand authority in the market.
An analysis like this will help them figure out the factors they should improve upon and get rid of to keep their customers satisfied. Especially so in internal company interviews where have a good idea who you’re going up against.
Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. All information on a resume is provided under different headings like personal information, resume objective statement, summary of qualifications, employment history, academic details, list of skills, references if any. This is an ongoing effort to educate our users about the thousands of diagram templates available in the Creately diagramming community. These ghost operations distract time, energy and resources that could be used for new projects. In Washington, there’s even an email that goes out to the entire bureau alerting everyone which six stories made it.
Our parents(i’m 19) are trying to troubleshoot how to insert links to certain words on text generators. Trying to adapt to a digital age, because before there weren’t people staying up at 3 in the morning watching youtube videos, or searching through social media sites for the scoop(pun) on friends. When a naive 19 year old applies to Times, how long does it take to throw the request away? Business oriented people are older, the journalist younger(it can easily be the other way around, but for the sake of example, don’t correct me, learn to listen). Why i believe a TechGen(technology generation, hey i’m self proclaiming myself something) is needed in senior levels is because the foundations of communication for such person is digital.
Senior positions should also be mindfully open to youthful minds, because down the line, the world would communicate though their inventions.
Try to adapt them to your target audience because when all your readers are 40-60 now, in 20 years who will be reading your articles?

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