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So to answer the question "I have 3 different custom web templates, and for each template, I want to create root site collection (3 root site collections in total). Check these topologies recommended by Microsoft, if you are planning to design a SharePoint farm. It is the place where site collection settings such as site collection admins and site collection features are configured.
As such, it wouldn't make sense to have multiple root sites in a site collection, but it's perfectly fine to have many site collections (each with their own root sites) inside a webapp. To emphasize a prior point, note you cannot create a host-named site collection in Robert's example prior to creating a path-based root site collection with the same name as the web application. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sharepoint-enterprise site-collection web-template or ask your own question.
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This is an A-Z guide that helps you setup a web application with Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint Foundation 2010, using Claims-Based authentication. Before we make any changes to SharePoint, let’s first create the database to store our users and groups. From SQL Server Management Studio, use the Object Explorer to navigate to the Security > Logins folder. Now that the DB has been created, we’ll create a new Web Application on the SharePoint 2010 server.

You’ll see a list of current Web Applications, Click the New button in the Contribute section of the Ribbon to create a new Web Application. Under Claims Authentication Types, leave the default settings for now (Enable Windows Authentication, using Integrated Windows Authentication via NTLM). In your SharePoint 2010 Foundation server, start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Here, specify a name for the connection string and give the SQL Server name and instance, and database name of the DB that we created earlier. From the new Windows Explorer window, open the web.config file in Notepad to view the changes. The membershipprovider also supports additional settings, such as the minimum required password length and number of non-alphanumeric characters required in a password.
We could do this using the dialogs we used from the previous steps, but we can also make the changes in the web.config files directly. Select the SharePoint Central Administration v4 IIS site from the list of sites,open the context menu for this site and choose Explore. You’ll receive an error message, saying the the feature cannot be used, because the default provider is not a trusted provider. Now that we have the membership and roles provider set up in the Web Application, Central Admin and STS, we can test if it works. Note: you can also use both Windows Authentication and FBA simultaneously, should you want to.

In the select People and Groups dialog, type (a part of) the name of the FBA test user you added from IIS Manager in the Find text box and press the search button.
Make sure you select the right Web Application, and specify a Title and Template for the top-level site. A webapp is comprised of 0 or more site collections (0 would be fundamentally useless.) A site collection is comprised of 1 root site and 0 or more subsites*. From everything I have come across it just seems to mean that it is a site collection with the same url as the web application. Although this guide uses SharePoint Foundation 2010, the same steps apply to SharePoint Server 2010.
Make sure this account has theDB creator server role on the SQL server that’ll hold the FBA users DB.
Wait a few moments until the Application Created dialog is shown, and click theOK button to close it (don’t create a site collection just yet). These are there by default and required for Claims Based Authentication.Be sure not to modify them! Click Set Default Provider… from in the actions pane andselect the RoleProvider you created earlier (i.e.

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