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Whether cardio on an empty stomach can speed up fat loss is a commonly debated fitness topic. Two fuel sources—carbs & fats—are used to generate energy for muscle contraction during exercise. When you deplete glycogen stores by fasting overnight, or going several hours without refueling, fatty acids break down in the mitochondria to be used as a secondary energy source. Results: After 20-30 minutes of exercise, the rate of fat burn was higher in the fasted group than in the glucose or fructose group. The Take Away: This particular study suggests that more fat was burned by the group that performed MODERATE activity on an empty stomach… DURING THE EXERCISE ITSELF. Researchers from Italy investigated the contrasting reports on whether training in a fasting condition enhances weight loss.
Eating increased both oxygen consumption (VO2) and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) significantly, 12 hours after the cardio, VO2 was still higher for the group who had eaten, although RER was significantly lower in the FED test, indicating greater fat burn. The group that ate before the moderate cardio session continued to burn significantly more calories up to 24 hours after the exercise bout. During intense exercise that approaches your maximum effort, most of your energy comes from glycogen. Hi Marc, I used to do it on an empty stomach and it is a lot different than when you have something on your stomach, you feel that you have more power, so my question is if I am going to workout first thing in the am, considering there is not much time to get ready for work and take daughter to school, how long before the workout should one get the protein juice or the fruit? Marc – What about doing High Intensity Interval Training on an empty stomach in a fasted state in the morning? I’ve found a bunch of articles on this topic, but this is the best, most comprehensive one I’ve ever read! I have found that not eating before any type of exercise or activity directly affects the performance of that task in a negative way. I have recently been told to do cardio (low intensity for one hour) each morn on an empty stomach and trying to decide whether it’s worth the extra effort I need to put in to do that.
HI, I would like to know if drinking coffee like 4 times a day interrupts my weight loss program?
Also to comment on the last 2 posters, coffee wont hurt you at all as long as your drinking it as is.
Ramzan is a time when people from the Muslim community, across the globe, observe a month-long fast.Two meals a day, one called the suhoor (the pre-dawn meal) and the other called iftar (taken after the sunset), is all that they eat. Another advantage to exercising before breakfast is that most people have a hard time eating something after just waking up. Low blood insulin levels also means low glycogen levels in the muscle, which means that you won’t have as much energy in the morning before eating. Exercising too hard with low insulin levels (VO2 max above 75%) can also lead to an increase in cortisol levels which will cause the body to catabolize or eat up muscle tissue which if your goals are to increase size and strength is the exact opposite of what you want.
Exercising on an empty stomach has many advantages and disadvantages and can actually be more convenient for those individuals who don’t have a lot of time to sit around waiting for their appetite in the morning. You want to reduce body weight, bring your body in great shape and get rid of excess belly fat fast?

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For endurance exercise performed at a moderate intensity, you obtain 50–60% of energy needed from glycogen (which is stored energy from carbs) and the rest from fats. Adaptations to skeletal muscle with endurance exercise training in the acutely fed versus overnight-fasted state.
I always hear people doing cardio on an empty stomach and how great it is, but I could never do it.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and just having a light snack before working out may be beneficial for the workout but not nutritionally.
If you are the type of person that feels like a pre-workout meal has no substantial influence on your energy or work output than high intensity intervals might be permissible for you.
If you have a sensitive stomach try a less ripe banana as they have less sugar or half of a grapefruit. At a minimum, it takes me 15 to 30 minutes longer to warm up physically (this probably also accounts for the mental fatigue as well).
The last two meals have carbs only in nuts and my breakfast has carbs in the form of oats and lts of protein. My question is …i do high intensity jogging for 45 to 55 minutes during late evenings rather than mornings…is it ok?
One of my biggest gripes about the military was that we would always do physical training before breakfast. I conclude that for the average gym goer, whose main focus is weight loss, that exercising on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast is a great idea, and for those individuals who seek to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while still trying to lose fat, may benefit from taking protein before working out in the morning in order to minimize muscle loss.
He is a National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer with 5+ years of experience. Research shows that people who burn fat during their workouts actually burn less fat the rest of the day. I always felt like I didn’t have the energy or drive that I typically do when I have a preworkout meal and it would bother me. It seems like new studies come out every day that encourage people to perform high intensity intervals due to the post-exercise calorie burn. Just remember, your body will also burn through muscle as well as fat if glycogen stores are depleted.
It always made my stomach feel like it was eating itself and made me think that there was no way that was a healthy feeling.
This is what kills your appetite, so if you don’t have time to wait around for your appetite to come back, it could be advantageous and more convenient for you to go to the gym before eating. Lee spent 7 years in the military working with our nation's soldiers making sure they were fit enough to fight and durable enough to continue fighting.
Overtime, fat burning is not an immediate process, rather, it occurs over the course of, not a few hours, but a few days.. I think people who are below their normal body weight are closer to an empty stomach than others.

In this article we are going to look at exercising before breakfast and if it can be advantageous or if it’s a poor choice. Lee believes in striving to reach genetic potential; life is too short to not feel and be your best.
As you burn more carbohydrates during your workout, the body will burn more fat post exercise. Doing cardio on an empty stomach if you aren’t able to sustain adequate energy levels, your workout will suffer. I was wondering, since you mention it in your article, how significant is the calorie burn following cardio? For example, one banana, half a cup of milk, a glass of water, a few pieces of watermelon or papaya, etc.Give about an hour of break before you hit the gym or start your exercise regimen. I’m going to go over the pro’s and con’s of exercising on an empty stomach and how it effects your body in regards to weight loss and energy levels. Data also suggests that exercising in the morning raises your metabolism and keeps it raised for hours afterward. Following the exercises, give about 45 minutes to one hour of gap and then have a proper meal.Today, at Boldsky, we bring to you exercise tips that will help you to stay fit during the holy month of Ramzan.
Don't Exercise During The Fasting Time: It is not advisable to exercise or hit the gym during the fasting time on an empty stomach. The best time would be about an hour after you break the fast with some light fruits and liquid.
10 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise: Just about 10 minutes of walking, cycling or using treadmill, during Ramzan, would help improve the stamina for good and also help burn the calories. Resistance Training Before Ramzan: For those observing full one month of fasting during Ramzan, they could start off with a light resistance training for about 1-2 months before the start of the Ramzan period.
A slight 10 minutes of stretching exercises can help provide flexibility to the body and also detoxify the body. They could just do light free exercises on the floor, like squats and push ups, right at home.This helps in making the body flexible. Low-intense Exercises: High-intense exercises like running, weight-lifting, etc, should be avoided during the Ramzan period. It is advisable to take up low-intense exercises, as these help in building up the stamina and, at the same time, burn calories.
Yoga And Meditation: Apart from the regular exercises, yoga and meditation also help in the detoxification process and thereby also in gaining the inner strength.

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