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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The leaner you get the more likely you are to LOSE MUSCLE as your body tries to preserve your fat first! After intense training replenishing your Glutamine levels will prevent muscle breakdown, allowing for faster recovery and less soreness. During your workout your body is drained of many fluids through sweat, and you have an anabolic window of roughly 30 minutes for which it is optimal to replenish lost energy stores. What you supplement with during this time period has a direct role in how well your recovery takes place!
With subscribe and save you make sure you always have the supplements you need when you need them. Purus Labs brings you the ultimate Pre-Workout that will have you ripping through the weights! Condense is the newest Pre-workout formula designed to expand performance capacity, utilizing patent-pending nutrient technology.
Other companies claim to have the best pre-workouts but none of them can come close to Condense's clean formula with no creatine, dye or DMAA. This revolutionary formula also will increase vascularity and intensity throughout your gym sessions.
A good pre-workout supplement can help you feel more energised in your workouts, can prevent muscle catabolism and can enhance your pump. Since the Body Power Expo earlier this year, i’ve been able to sample a huge amount of pre-workout supplements. Along with sampling these pre-workouts, i’ve also been doing a fair bit of research into what ingredients make a good pre-workout. Beta Alanine – Helps delay onset of muscular fatigue, and improve exercise performance and power output. Creapure® – Purest micronized creatine monohydrate available can help improve strength, power and size.
Vitamin B6 – Essential for turning carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy, and for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune system.
L-Tyrosine – A pre-cursor to adrenaline, can help maintain concentration and focus during high intensity workouts. Caffeine – Known to improve concentration and focus, and boost energy levels and mood. Citruline Malate – Helps improve overall improvement in aerobic performance and a reduction in fatigue during intense training. Taurine – Plays an important role in protein synthesis, cell hydration and cardiac function.

Dextrose – Added for it’s high GI (Gylcemic Index) value, to provide instant energy and to aid the uptake of other nutrients.
Before I go into the ingredients of Raze in any detail, I want to point out how useful it is to know the quantities of each ingredient. Many companies will list their pre workout ingredients, but not tell you the dosage or quantity of each ingredient. Not only does The Protein Works give a breakdown of each ingredients quantity in Raze, it does so in all of its products. In fact in many ways, Protein Works seems to be edging the way with its constant innovations of calorie free zero syrups, and protein flavours.
Beta Alanaine and Taurine are 2 common ingredients in pre-workouts, and both are fantastic. It also contains L canitine, an amino acid believed to aid in fat loss and prevent muscle catabolism, along with 220mg caffeine. For me, the only draw back to this ingredient list is the inclusion of creatine monohydrate.
This is where things become a little bit sour (pun intended related to the Apple Spike Flavour I tried).
It’s  a shame you have to splash out ?40 in one go to get this for a good price point.
You can order Raze from The Protein Works here, where it is available in bags ranging from 100 grams to 1kg.
It shouldn’t be news to anyone that you can, and perhaps should, take a protein drink before you work out. Interestingly, the pulse-feeding protocol achieved higher amino acid and insulin concentrations after training than a single ingestion of the same protein. What this means is you don’t have to worry about getting the fastest-digesting whey protein on the market if you are going to take it before your workout. Beta alanine has been shown to improve muscular endurance, along with improving performance through moderate to intense cardio activity such as sprinting. Despite an excellent list of otherwise ingredients, the inclusion of creapure here is almost a filler product in this supplement. It is a must use supplement, however it almost seems like filler given how cheaply you can get it for. Unfortunately the Protein Works dropped the ball with the taste of their Raze pre workout supplement. For anyone who is sensitive to pre-workouts and feel like they’re bouncing off the wall, then perhaps Raze could be the best solution for you. Fortunately, a visit to The Protein Works Discount Code page here on Cheap Protein Discount Codes will let you save big on Raze Pre Workout.

This was taking the price point, taste and effectiveness from my first usage into consideration. If however you’re prone to pre workout side affects, have never tried a pre workout, or are looking to try something new, then by all means go ahead and try this. However a visit to The Protein Works Discount Code page means you can save a bit of cash if you decide to try it. As the founder of the website & youtube channel 'Shreddybrek' he shares his experiences and knowledge via informative videos and articles.
This was actually the basis upon which I sold my own brand of protein powders back when my dietary and sports supplement company, HSN, was still in business.
The leg extensions were performed on one leg during one workout while the resting leg would be trained during the subsequent workout and so on. In fact, according to this study, it wouldn’t hurt to stretch it out a little and perhaps sip it throughout your workout. Whilst im not the biggest user of pre workouts, they are useful, provided that you have your diet and training in check. Seems a bit silly to me, and shows you perhaps the creatine is filler, when over pre workouts, using the same scoop size, require just 1 scoop. The idea was based on research showing that if ?you could get your blood amino acid levels high before your workout, the increase in blood flow would enhance the delivery of those amino acids to the muscle tissue that you were working.(1) This enhanced delivery of amino acids boosted the anabolic effect. The subjects were given one of three different drinks ?45 minutes prior to the workout: a placebo drink, 30 grams of whey plus 5 grams of leucine taken all at once, or 30 grams of whey plus 5 grams of leucine taken in 15 small doses (also called pulse feeding) to simulate a slow-digesting protein. To quote the authors, “Unlike the intake of proteins after resistance exercise, where a rapidly digested protein produces a superior muscle protein synthetic response, when it is consumed prior to the exercise session, there is no disadvantage to consuming a protein source that produces a slower AA [amino acid] response as long as the [serving] size is adjusted to achieve a high leucine.”(2) The overall increase in protein synthesis during five hours of recovery was not significantly different between the two protein protocols. But then other research was done using various protein sources taken at various times surrounding a workout, and as you might expect, they produced various results, not all of them significantly better than any other.
Using the exact same protein source to simulate a slow-digesting protein eliminates questions about amino acid compositions affecting the results.
I’d personally like to try the orange flavour out to see how it compares to the apple. Each experimental condition was separated by a one- to two-week washout period with no training.

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