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Led by Jim Whittam, Shaklee commissioned their own independent clinical trials in human subjects with creatine because they had gotten so much pressure from those in the nutrition field asking for a Shaklee creatine-type product. We have all done the yo-yo diet…probably more times than we would like to keep track of.
8 months after my fourth baby (I’m holding my nephew in this picture) I was eating salads and running 5-10 miles a day.
About UsWe like to provide great site with complete features what you want to implement in your business! The scientific journal article references in which these effects are demonstrated are linked to below. As a brain supplement, 5 g of creatine per day for 6 weeks increases the brain’s natural store of creatine by 9%. Increasing the energy levels available for computation [in the brain] increases the speed and power of computational resources, reflected directly in improved general ability.
It is known that older people require more brain energy to carry out cognitive tasks than younger individuals. Creatine brain supplements are highly beneficial to older individuals in countering the effects of cognitive aging. In a study examining the effects of long-term creatine supplementation on a 69-item panel of serum, whole blood, and urinary markers of clinical health status in athletes, the results showed no harmful side effects.

The safety is not a matter of concern provided that there is adequate control of the purity of this source of creatine with respect to dicyandiamide and dihydro-1,3,5-triazine derivatives. There are natural stores of creatine in the brain obtained from both our diet (lean red meat, fish) and synthesized by the brain itself. Creatine has long been used by athletes as a dietary supplement to improve physical performance. When the brain processes information, it is supplied with extra glucose and oxygen to maintain brain energy levels. Caroline Rae at the University of Sydney have demonstrated that a creatine brain supplement can increase IQ substantially. You can benefit from it by supplementing your HighIQPro training with creatine for maximum cognitive gains. It is also known that creatine levels increase with age in healthy individuals, although not enough to prevent cognitive aging = the typical decline of cognitive efficiency with age. While there are reports on the web of side effects, the use of creatine in healthy individuals is considered by the majority of medical professionals to be safe. To prevent any health concerns, a high purity (minimum 99.95%) source of creatine monohydrate is required.
Improve problem solving and decision making skills for cognitive performance & brain health.
Creatine brain supplements have now been shown in controlled trials to reduce mental fatigue and increase cognitive efficiency – reducing the need for oxygen in areas of the brain when exercising fluid intelligence.

When cognition requires fluid intelligence, the workload is heavy and the brain may be temporarily fuel-limited.
Taking 5 grams of creatine daily for 6 weeks improves fluid  intelligence by 40% on a validated IQ test. Compared to this group, the group taking real creatine supplements performed 40% better on a validated fluid intelligence IQ test.
These effects may add to the physical enhancement gained by athletes supplementing creatine levels and may be of use to those requiring boosted mental performance in the short term. In a paper published in the journal Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition they show that creatine supplement boosts cognitive performance on both short term and long term memory tasks in a population with an average age of 76.
This kind of high pharmaceutical grade creatine is produced under conditions that prevent microbiological and heavy metals contamination, and has safe limits for the impurities creatinine, dicyandiamide and dihydro-1,3,5-triazine. Creatine plays a central role in the biochemistry of supplying the brain with energy under high work loads.
These results were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences in 2003.

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