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So, I just saw my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) doc today, and he's very happy with labs. I'm calculating my TDEE at 3300, so will run a surplus in the 4000-4250 range (lighter on off days).
Started a spread sheet to track everything on, so as always, I'm very open to your comments and suggestions. Interesting Oc, normally I'd say that's a bit heavy for a second cycle, but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Hopefully I can get 3J into the mix and really lock the diet in, but yeah I don't want to go overboard with the calories and end up at 20%bf!
I realize its not out of range but would it still be considered high enough to cause sides like acne?
Also just sent off my questionnaire from 3J for his bulk diet plan, can't wait to see what he comes back with!
I actually shocked myself the other day when I pulled my stash out of hiding and took inventory!

Contemplating adding 3J into the mix, just need to get the rest of the cash and ancillaries rounded up first. Drop the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dose and use the 375 mg you planned with Test E.
I'd also be careful with a near 1000 calorie surplus as that will likely add an unwanted amount of body fat, even if food sources are clean. But I'm a little lost on the BAC Water side of things, having no experience with peptides or HCG. DB bench press went from 80s last week with some right shoulder pain to 90s this week with no issues. I know its starting to sound complicated and deep for a second cycle, but what are your thoughts? PIP seemed to hold off, but I noticed it last night climbing the stairs, but still better than my first cycle! I threw in unplanned sets of leg presses at the end because I just didn't feel like I'd done enough!

Every exercise felt like I should have gone heavier, and I did increse the weights but wanted to stay conservative. Weight is up 6.5# to 198.5, no doubtedly water weight, but exciting nonetheless to see the scale jump like that! Labs will give me a clearer picture of where I sit with my testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dose of 150mg Test Cyp per week. I did notice my right shoulder joint giving me issues on the last set of DB flat bench, so I'm looking forward to see if the TB500 will give that some help. I've got nothing bad to say about them, overall great customer service and quality product. Sucks, because I knew I could go higher weight, but I'd rather not push it and tear anything!

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