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Body odor carries a social stigma and even though you are taking good care of personal hygiene people may think you are not. If you only occasionally suffer from mildly stinky feet you may benefit from one or two of the here mentioned products.
If you however have seriously stinky feet all some more of these remedies will be necessary to help you get rid of the problem. The number two, three and four on this bestsellers list are occupied by Mueller Pre-tape, probably a great product to secure tapes and wraps but it has nothing to do with stopping feet from smelling. In order to find out which product is best it’s helpful to know about its method of action. If your feet don’t sweat a whole lot but are still smelly you will benefit from another product than when you suffer from excessive perspiration. Mayo Clinic also states it: Might contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs and Might be harmful to the immune system.
Pros: It contains two of the most used most potent substances to reduce bacteria as well as soften skin. Aluminum chloride is the recommended treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) according to medical experts and dermatologists. Cons: concerns about the safety of the active ingredient have risen, current study findings however indicate that aluminum in antiperspirants is harmless when used as instructed. Cons: Depending on how much your feet perspire and the severity of the foul odor you may have to apply more often than the advertised once in 7 days. Arnica extract is a popular ingredient foot balms, tinctures for foot baths and creams and is proven effective in soothing bruises, sprains and muscle pain. Good to know: As Amazon reviewer Kasia points out, the active ingredient is zinc oxide which you can buy in bulk for less.
Special note: The manufacturer promises to “eliminate odor for over six months” or you get your money back. If, for some reason, you don’t appreciate this stuff , Gold Bond Medicated Powder is a well-reviewed alternative. Pros: This tea tree, mint, eucalyptus and thyme essential oil spray is the apex of foot odor sprays. No more shamefully stuffing your fusty Fred Perry’s somewhere in a corner of the garage. Seriously, even if your shoes stink like something died in there, this stuff gets rid of the stench. How they work: Insoles either contain baking soda, activated charcoal, zinc oxide or a combination of  these substances that block odor and keep your feet dry.
Imagine being able to air out your feet without the embarrassment drawing all attention to you. You could hassle with baking soda in a paper bag but why not use a proven, much more convenient solution? UV light kills not only bacteria but also fungus, spores, and mold causing nasty foot conditions such as toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) and Athlete’s Foot. The UV Total Recovery Shoe Sanitizer emits short-wave length ultraviolet light (UV-C), killing these micro-organisms. Good to know: If your shoes are beyond a certain point in terms of smell and bacterial infestation UV light sanitation will not help. Contrary to what is commonly thought, cotton socks are not your best option when it comes to reducing sweaty feet.

It’s not a coincidence desert nomads such as the Bedouins and Tuaregs have been wearing wool throughout the ages to keep cool during the day and warm at night. Cons: they are not the cheapest socks you can get but they do reduce sweating and wick the sweat away from your feet. Good to know:  Although they are called hiking socks these make perfect socks for day-to-day wearing.
Learn more about which type of supplement (there’s gluconate, picolinate, sulphate) to take, how much to take, why this remedy may help you and more here.
Fighting bacteria, tackling excessive sweating, and treating fungal infections are important but using a few of these products will go a long way.
If you know you’re not the type that finds the peace and quit to take regular foot baths, get a foot spray instead.
Recent Commentstina on 3 Easy Steps To Cure Smelly Feet and ShoesEmma Pearce on 3 Easy Steps To Cure Smelly Feet and Shoesjoanne mcgeveran on The Best Insoles For Sweaty Feet – Types Of Shoe Insoles That Reduce Foot Odorploopity john on Smelly Feet In Your Uggs? Curing your foot odor problem basically comes down to picking the best options for you and using them religiously. After only a few months of wearing, my mega musty shoes were beyond any improvement, and I had to toss them out. I had stinky feet for years until I went to my doctor who prescribed me something that actually helped. Each day the 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of muscles, tendons, and ligaments perform a truckload of work and withstand tons of pressure. This is basically the same stuff surgeons use to disinfect their hands and arms before operating. Obviously you will have to take the time to soak your feet for at least 15 minutes, a few times a week.
Hardcore hyperhidrosis sufferers know how important a high-quality antiperspirant is and this underarm product works well. Its active ingredients are Calendula, Arnica, and zinc oxide to kill bacteria and Chamomile for skin soothing purposes.
Foot powders have roughly 3 types of action, shrinking pores to reduce sweating, killing bacteria to fight odor, absorbing sweat to keep feet dry. Again, everybody but especially people who want an easy solution for both feet and footwear should get this powder. Well, that’s a bit too much praise, sometimes, super-stinky shoes are beyond recovery. In the battle against foot odor, a foot spray is optional, as you can also treat your feet with a cream, powder or an ointment to get the same results.
Granted, you could make your own concoction from rubbing alcohol and herbs in an empty spray bottle but why re-invent the wheel when you can benefit from Rocket Pure’s Natural Shoe Deodorizer, Foot Deodorant Spray for Athletes? Creams, lotions, potions all do their thing, soothe your feet, reduce bacteria, keep feet dry.
It soothes, feels cool to the touch (like sticking your feet in ice but in a good way), heals cracked skin, and even relaxes tired feet.
Scholl’s Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles are made from comfortable foam and activated charcoal to absorb odors. You know that smell ladies tend to get from wearing nylons and shoes, running around the office all day?
Be mindful that thickness may cause problems, so that after insertion you feet won’t fit or shoes may stretch.

Besides shoes, also sporting equipment, gym bags, luggage,  cars, bathroom and closets can be refreshed. Daily rotating footwear is a golden recommendation but you often have only one pair of work boots.
Just insert the devices in your shoes and after 15 minutes they will automatically turn off.  Fits all shoes and saves you from hand washing and waiting hours for shoes to dry or get banged up in the dryer. If your shoes get really musty and soggy quickly you may need additional measures to sanitize the rest of the shoe’s interior. This special type of wool, some even call it Mother Nature’s miracle fiber, does not itch and feel very soft to your skin. This may sound incredible but you may even wear these socks for days without smelling them.
Dietary zinc deficiency,  which is quite common, can contribute to foot odor.  Consuming foods rich in zinc can help reduce sweaty hands and feet.
Mainly those who have tried various foot odor remedies to no avail.  Adding zinc rich foods to your diet can be a first step in reducing plantar hyperhidrosis.
And to a lower bio-available degree in whole grains and legumes (source: Linus Pauling Institute). Some easy to sprinkle foot powder may be your best choice (don’t forget to rub it in between the toes though).
Anyone open to taking foot baths (a great way to relax and wind down) can enjoy healthier, softer, fresher feet. Before hailing this cream the holy grail among foot odor products, keep in mind that severe cases of excessive sweating may require more robust cures. There’s also the question if plain zinc oxide offers the same purified micro-fined formula that On Your Toes does. A smorgasboard of essential oils and plant extracts including cocos, lavender, chamomille, ginger and rooibos tea. Simply spraying this on your feet will not magically freshen your already musty, by bacteria colonized flats.
Once they start to smell funky you just re-charge them by laying them in the sun for a few hours. Considering the fact that you wear them about 10 hours or longer each day while being physically active (read sweating a lot) you will realize how much a simple boot dryer can help you keep your feet from stinking. Shoes that have reached the super-stink status are good for only one thing; being thrown away. There are no well-designed clinical trials linking zinc supplementation to reduced foot odor. That being said, this cream works for most people and is often recommended by visitors of this website.
Leave it on all night, or as long as you deem necessary with use of the timer and the next day your feet can enjoy completely dry shoes. After use you can put the biodegradable linen bags in the yard to feed the plants (charcoal is high in plant nutrients).

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