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NLA Performance is a well-established supplement company that has been making noise among women's athletes with their robust line of 'for her' products. NLA Performance currently offers two flavors of Uplift pre workout- cherry limeade, or raspberry lemonade.
On second glance, and the reason why this product scores so low in this category, is the fact that NLA chose to hide the ingredient profile in proprietary blends. This performance test was done with some of my fitties at our new Barry's Bootcamp (highly reccommend these workouts!). Even though I have some issues with the way this product is formulated--the most important thing that influences our rating of value is the way the products actually perform during the workout.
Hi, my name is Allie and this blog is my hobby :) I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me. Containing 6 scientifically proven ingredients, Pre shock is an effective pre-workout supplement consisting of the following ingredients: Beta alanine-increases exercise capacity and athletic performance,Creatine-supplies energy to muscles,Phenethylamine-mood and weight-loss enhancer, Caffeine-nervous system stimulant giving energy.
Pre shock is intended for healthy adults over the age of 18 looking for an effective pre-workout supplement to take their fitness goals to the next level. As a private label manufacturer we offer our customers the best Pre-Shock Private label pre-workout Supplement on the market, delivered in an easy to use powder.
Our private label services give your company over 70 different customization options of your order. The ultimate pre workout, Pre-Shock is designed to enhance your energy, focus, power and stamina. Pre-shock is the extra boost you have been looking for, the change you wanted to make a difference in your workouts. As we continue down the final stretch of the road to our BPW top 10 pre workouts of 2014, NLA Performance has submitted their women's pre workout 'Uplift' for our official review. Our top women's pre workout awards were incredibly well received last year, and we have a slew of products still to come in this years edition. The combination of sweet and tart is a common theme for his year, as we have noticed several companies combining a sweet and fruity flavor with citrus. I appreciate a pre workout (especially a women's one) that excludeds creatine, which this one does. As someone who is very careful about what I put in my body- I feel really uncomfortable taking supplements that don't feature full label transparency (such as Toned) What's even worse than that, is the fact that when you add up the quanities of the three blends- you get a number just over 2 grams.
For those of you unfamiliar, Barry's workouts combine varied intensity treadmill intervals with high-volume strength training- and the result is total exhaustion but incredible results.

At the end of the day, a pre workout product really needs to be judged on the workout itself- and that's why we've given Uplift a very fair 8.3 score on overall value.
This powerful pre-workout formula has been produced to increase focus, energy, stamina, motivation and power.
Using a unique combination of 6 scientifically proven ingredients your workouts will never be better. Now a trip to the gym doesn’t need to be boring and mundane, you will feel the results of the workout long term making you want to do it again and again. We have already reviewed several exciting new products like Promera Women's Elite and Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean.
Having sampled several raspberry lemonade concoctions in my day, I tried this flavor because I have a good idea of what I like raz lemonade to taste like.
The workout we did used a single dumbbell for the strength portion- and tons of core moves like situps, woodchops, and lateral shrugs. Another key factor impacting this overall positive score is the price of NLA for her Uplift. I also like that NLA kept the layout relatitely simple, and for the most part- very feminine; but not insultingly so. But it delivers a nice clean boost for even the toughest of workouts- and most likely deserves a try next time you are on the market for a pre. With the enhancement of pre-shock you will attain a workout like never before and be able to retain the energy and stamina for that work out longer.
At $34.99 for 40 servings, Uplift is a very reasonably priced product that does what a pre workout should do- enhance the workout experience. I prefer this flavor to lean a little more heavily toward the tartness of the lemon- much like it would in a real glass of raspberry lemonade.
All of the BCAA's are in the amino blend, and vinpocetine has always been one of my favorite ingredients to run alongside caffeine.
This formula is mostly filler- or maltodextrin (you can see it listed in the 'other ingredients' section). Here's our official review and grade of NLA Performance's women's pre workout energy offering- give it a share or connect with me on Twitter and let me know if you agree! Other nootropics such as PABA and DMAE are also included to enhance the mental focus side of your workout. I felt the beta-alanien kick in about 5 minutes after drinking NLA Uplift mixed with my 12 oz bottle of water.

This is just an awful juxtaposition, and a blatant reflection of someone at NLA refusing to shell out for the black bottle- because the black bottle was clearly in the plan.
The verdict is not really out on many ingredients like the two afore-mentioned, as there is a lack of scientific research to back up any claims.
So yes the ingredient profile looks pretty good- but it is dosed so scantily that it just doesn't deliver as good as it should because there just isn't alot of active ingredients in it. I also felt the caffeine kick in about halfway through the opening treadmill warm-up, which was a ten minute cycle of gradually increased intensity using the incline and speed controls on the treadmill. After my first session with the weights, I really felt pretty good and focused- most likely a result of the nootropics (namely the caffeine). Second, although the label itself isn't all that bad- they couldn't have gotten any lamer with their color selection. It was that super-artificial lemonny taste that you would get in a lemon-drop or a warhead (remember those?!). I personally only really 'feel' caffeine, and as I said before I think I can notice the vinpocetine because caffeine alone will make me pretty jittery. As the workout progressed, my fatigue level stayed in check- I didn't feel invincible like I do with some of my favorites like Toned or Fem-Fire, but I also could tell that I had a little extra to give, and this was a really nice effect during such a strenuous workout.
Some people love that flavor though- so if this is you- Uplift's raspberry lemonade is for you!
After re-convening with the team, the others agreed that the prodcut performs better than expected giving the forula. My friend Sarah probably put it best: "I felt like I was performing slightly better than the effort I was giving- and I was going all out".
The last thing to note is the cropped picture of Jessie Hilgenbergcovering the main face of the label. It was drinkable, but not something I would look forward to every day- which is the effect I am looking for.
This and other positive feedback from the team lead to a really respectable 8.5 rating in the all-important performance category.
Jessie is a well-muscled and beautiful woman to be certain, but I don't know if I need a picture of her half-naked body on the product that I bring to the gym--I'm a grown woman.

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