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There are many sources and ways for our bodies to gain Vitamin D from, and one of the easiest ways is to soak the body in the early morning sun for some time.
The two dairy products which would bring in a alot of Vitamin D for the body would be butter and cheese, since they are made by extracting out the water from the milk. If not the fish, then cod liver oil would be the best ways to bring into the body a dose of Vitamin D everyday. Do away with milk fat for now, have vegetable fats instead, and one such source would be table margarine.
You could have milk from soy, goats or cow, they all bring in the best amounts of Vitamin D which the body would need. More than shrimps, one can even opt for oysters too, because it has a large amount of Vitamin D in it which can help the body in more ways than one.
Make the morning breakfast a delightful one, and juice it up with a glass of tangerines or oranges. Take a look online and you would find plenty of recipes for each of the 15 foods mentioned. Out of your order profit we share a large percentage to acquire medicines for poor people and their treatment. Meats and fruits and veggies too are the best sources of Vitamin D, and we all know how important it is to have Vitamin D for the growth and development of the body?

This is because there is plenty of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, which is much more than what mushrooms can give. This is why you should have a balanced breakfast with plenty of cereals in it, since cereals bring along a lot of Vitamin D.
Yogurt is versatile and can help bring down blood pressure, bone density issues and it keeps the digestive system clean as well, plus it has a lot of Vitamin D too. Margarine has a lot of Vitamin D in it, and a little of margarine in the meals or on bread would be nice. The delightful gift of nature is versatile and can be cooked in any which way you feel like. If you don’t like having plain milk, you could opt for milk in desserts, pastries, ice creams, juices and smoothies too. Oysters in the past and even now are known for their healing powers, and as an aphrodisiac too. Oranges have plenty of antioxidants and Vitamin D in them, which help combat ailments and sicknesses.
If you have some recipes to share or would like us to know more about Vitamin D food sources, feel free to write into us.
If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below.

Certain products discussed herein are available only upon prescription from a medical doctor or a qualified medical professional. You could have salmon or tuna instead, and if sea food is not your platter, read above and check with the options on nonveg delights that would bring in the Vitamin D you need.
Spinach, kale and cabbage when tossed and eaten would bring in the much needed vitamin D as well.
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