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Training for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School is a lot different than training as a bodybuilder or even for certain sports.
If you have any other supplements that you believe have helped you during training, comment below and let us know! You need a unique set of strengths at Marine OCS and training is vitally important for your success while at Quantico, Virginia.
And when speaking in terms of protein, 100% Gold Standard Whey is often the best because it gives you 24 grams of protein per serving, without all the fat, sugars and artificial crap that comes in some other protein supplements. Well, you should still be taking your mult-vitamins as a grown man too, except now you should be taking a ‘grown man multi-vitamin’!

I’ve also found that taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin on a daily basis while training has vastly improved the comfort of my joints. There are certainly others you can take and utilize, but these are the three best in my opinion. It’s a great supplement to take immediately after hitting the gym or after a tough CrossFit workout as whey protein helps to replenish muscles and promote muscle growth.
The Optimum Opti-Men multi-vitamin is a great tool in your supplement archive because it provides you with over 70 useful vitamins and minerals to help you function at peak performance. Taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin acts as somewhat of a lubricant to your joints, easing the pain and helping to support joint health in the future, which is vital when running, rucking and training like an animal.

No, you won’t be able to bring these supplements to training, but they are useful for maximizing your workouts prior to attending training and getting the most out of every repetition.
It’s also relatively cheap, around $25 for 2 lbs of protein powder, or around $50 for 5lbs. You don’t want to show up to Officer Candidate School with a reliance on coffee or caffeine to help your workouts.

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