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Frozen shoulder refers to the shoulder joint and it occurs when the sac of ligaments surrounding the joint and which is known as articular shoulder capsule becomes uncommonly inflamed as a result of which it becomes stiff, swollen and the movement becomes very limited. It is assumed that scar tissue which forms in the joint makes the joint’s capsule constricted and tight leaving very little room for movement which is why there is stiffness and pain at  the slightest attempt to move the shoulder joint and the arm. Mustard oil is rich in antioxidants, key nutrients and magnesium which help to detoxify the body and repair the damaged tissue in the joint. It is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which have an anti-inflammatory action and which reduce the inflammation in the capsule thereby increasing the range of mobility. Ghee nourishes the body and arrests the ageing process by keeping all the functions of the body and its organs in prime health. Frozen shoulder is mostly caused by injury or fracture and it is more common in people suffering from diabetes and thyroid problems. Warm some mustard oil and have some one massage your shoulder with it for ten to fifteen minutes twice daily.

The moist heat will not only reduce the swelling but it will also remove the stiffness and will alleviate the pain.
They are also rich in zinc and the B group vitamins which help to preserve the health of the tissues. Ghee also lubricates and energizes the muscles, tendons and tissue and prevents the formation of scar tissue.
Also mix one teaspoon of ghee into a glass of hot milk and consume it each night before going to bed. These exercises will not only stimulate the blood circulation and increase the blood flow to the frozen shoulder but they will also remove the stiffness and increase the movement of the arm.
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The shoulder has a ball and socket joint in which the round part of the bone fits neatly into the socket of the shoulder blade or the scapula. Women, especially those who are above forty years of age are more prone to suffer from it than men.

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