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DisclaimerThe information provided herein is intended for a general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or a treatment for specific medical conditions.
If your goal is hypertrophy (gaining lean muscle mass) then you will need to eat a surplus of calories above your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure — the amount of food energy you require to maintain your current size) in addition to weight training. Mass gainers can easily be mixed with water, milk, or juice so you can conveniently drink your extra calories — removing the chore of all that laborious eating.
Here are some factors that you will want to consider when choosing a mass gainer for your nutrition plan.
Carb to protein ratio: The optimal ratio here depends on how much protein and carbs you are already getting from your diet. Beware of the bad stuff: Some mass gainers having shockingly high amounts of sugars, cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium. Mixability: Look for a gainer that mixes into your beverage of choice easily with a spoon of shaker. Value: If you are serious about getting big you are going to go through many bags of mass gainer powder.
Yes, if taken in addition to a balanced high calorie diet whilst undergoing a vigorous resistance training program.
The main bone of contention when regarding the health value of mass gainers rests on the carb source inside most weight gainer supplements: maltodextrin.
Other things to check before buying a mass gainer supplement include: cholesterol, sodium, and sugars.
You just need to combine a protein supplement (Whey Protein Concentrate works well) and mix it with some sort of complex carbohydrate source that can be powdered or blended well. I recommend using oat flour if you can find it, though blending oats in your blender or coffee grinder can work too. The only problem with going down the homemade route is the fact that a lot of these carbohydrates don’t mix so well in shakes. The ON Pro Gainer Complex is a premium mass gainer supplement for those who want a balanced high-quality product.
Many mass gainer supplements on the market today are pumped full of excess carbohydrates, sugars, and alarmingly high levels of cholesterol or saturated fats. The ON Pro Gainer Complex also contains a large number of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) which dispels the need to take additional multivitamins. Pricewise, this ON mass gainer is a little on the pricey side, but I believe that if you are planning on consuming this product everyday, it is well-worth the investment to buy something of higher quality during your bulking phase. ON Serious Mass is by far the most popular mass gainer supplement on the market today — and with good reason.
The carb-to-protein ratio is about 5:1 which is quite high, so make sure to adjust your remaining food calorie breakdown accordingly. While chocolate is the standard, ON Serious Mass gainer comes in variety of other flavors such as vanilla, banana, and strawberry. The Dymatize Nutrition Super Mass Gainer is a supplement designed for someone who needs a huge boost in daily caloric intake — without taking on too much fat, sugar, or cholesterol. Mixability of this mass gainer is mediocre if only using a spoon so a shaker cup or a blender is highly recommended.
In addition to a balanced diet and intense resistance training, mass gainer supplements can help achieve your muscle mass gaining goals.

Make sure you also read our mega-guide on the best pre workout supplement if you want to maximize your performance in the gym! And, with so many types and brands vying for the attention of the gastro intestinally troubled consumer, choosing the right one can seem incredibly challenging. The name brand arguably trusted by more digestive blunder sufferers than any other, Metamucil remains a mainstay of the G.I. The main benefit to consumers eager to try the Benefiber powder offering is that unlike many types of over the counter picks for best fiber supplement, Benefiber is unique amongst few in that its powdered mix is free from taste and dissolves completely. This natural fiber source has many benefits including providing potential aid to the cardiovascular system and also helping to reduce cholesterol.
They are a fast and convenient way to add extra dietary calories for people who do not have the time or ability to consume target calorie intakes. This number will vary from person to person but most will find that this equates to eating 600 – 1000 Cal above your TDEE every day. Maybe you are naturally skinny with a blazingly fast metabolism, or maybe you have a busy schedule that does not have room for eating all the time. These supplements are essentially a mix of protein (usually whey) and carbohydrates — packaged in a powder flavored form. Ideally, you want a gainer supplement that has a fairly balanced macronutrient breakdown that fits in with the rest of your diet. For most people who only need an extra ~600 calories from mass gainers, a weight gainer carb-to-protein ratio of 2:1 should be sufficient.
Although taste preference will vary from person to person, look for a highly rated gainer supplement — usually it means it will have somewhat decent taste. The gainer will taste better and will be more convenient to have on the go since you won’t need a blender to mix it.
Look for a product that has good value (i.e not the cheapest!), because you will be buying a lot of it!
They do not provide any nutritional advantage over a well balanced caloric intake from food alone. Mass gainers are merely a convenient way of getting extra calories for those who struggle or lack the time to get these calories from food. While there is nothing inherently bad about maltodextrin, it does have a high glycemic index, which means that these calories get digested and injected into the bloodstream very quickly.
In these situations I would recommend diluting your homemade weight gainer with a higher volume of your beverage to avoid an overly chunky shake. The ON Pro Gainer complex stands out from the rest because it contains a high percentage of protein while keeping bad things like cholesterol and saturated fats to a minimum, which is important if you are planning to take this supplement everyday.
For those who need add a lot of calories to their daily intake, say no more, ON serious mass delivers with an absolutely massive 1250 calories per serving.
Amazingly, the ON Serious Mass only has 3.5 g of fat per serving, making it one of the lowest fat weight gainers on the market. Coming in at a whopping 1280 calories per serving (2 massive scoops ~ 338 g) this mass gainer makes achieving caloric targets a breeze. There are all sorts of things to consider when determining the best fiber supplement among the wide variety of options available.
This can make taking a powdered fiber supplement daily much easier and a whole lot more bearable.
For starters, their convenient and easy to take caplet dosage eliminates the need for messy powders and drinks, a common consumer complaint amongst even the best fiber supplement options available over the counter.

But, one of the best features of this choice from Metamucil is that for those looking for the best fiber supplement option for gluten free diets, there is no reason to look any further than this Metamucil offering. The tasty chews provide another benefit as well in that those trying the chewable, berry flavored discs do not have to mix a powder or consume a thickened and tasteless drink to get their fiber while also benefitting from an increase in absorbed calcium and immunity boosting as well.
Always consult with your doctor or other professional healthcare provider for a medical advice.
Look for a weight gainer with low fat, since fat targets are generally easy to hit through food alone (oils, red meat, peanut butter).
For those who rely on their weight gainer for a larger percentage of their calories, a higher carb-to-protein ratio may be required. If you can’t stand the taste you can always mix your gainer supplement with something else like chocolate powder, or make a smoothie with it. This is no problem if you consume your weight gainer shake right after your workout, as the calories are used up in your recovery. If you are significantly underweight and want to gain weight fast, or have an extremely busy schedule that limits time for cooking and eating, then this supplement could be for you.
And, for people with recurring constipation, an acute case of same or, those battling the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, the choice can be even more difficult.
Their powdered formulas are probably the best well known, however Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Capsules + Calcium offer a unique take on an age old problem from the trusted manufacturer.
Not only is the product devoid of taste, but also, when mixed with beverages that are flat and free from carbonation, there is no textural change to the beverage of choice either. In addition to their ease of dosage, Citrucel caplets offer another big benefit to fiber therapy. At less than 20 ppm gluten, the product is considered gluten free and also boasts a low glycemic index, according to the manufacturer. However, taking a large amount of maltodextrin when there is no immediate need for the calories may lead to some unwanted fat gains. We have narrowed down the best 5 picks for store bought supplements for you, to help make choosing the best fiber supplement a whole lot easier! The capsules contain 100% natural psyllium fiber per the manufacturer, and also contain calcium, for a bone building bonus. This is another welcome relief for those seeking regularity without having to succumb to a cardboard flavored beverage or a thick, wheat flavored milkshake. Their method of fiber supplementation is via methylcellulose, a renewable plant fiber that is completely non-fermentable and therefore will not cause the gassy and uncomfortable symptoms normally associated with a rapid introduction of fiber into the diet. Combining the #1 doctor recommended brand of choice for best fiber supplement with the convenience and dosage ease of fiber filled caplets provide a great combination product to promote healthy regularity for those encountering occasional constipation or attempting to manage IBS symptoms that may be worsened due to irregularity in bowel movements. Enjoyment level aside, Benefiber of course boasts loads of fiber for regularity, constipation relief and also as an aid to overall digestive health.

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